What To Expect From the Virtual RJLA Certification:

This course was created to provide Regional and Jurisdictional Leadership Team (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) with the necessary tools to effectively serve the Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders.

Some of the topics to be covered in the Certification include:

  • The Judicial Review, Appeals Process, Appeals Mock Trial
  • The Role of the Chairman & Vice-Chairman
  • The Role and of The Secretary
  • The Role of The Treasurer

About Certification

The General Council of Pastors & Elders AND The New HOPE (Helping Other People Excel) Bible Institute (in partnership with Northeastern Seminary [accredited]) provides the Regional & Jurisdictional Leadership Academy Virtual Certification.


Prior to mediation or litigation, the Institute serves to provide the necessary preparation, training and development for Pastors, Elders, and Regional & Jurisdictional Leadership teams thereby serving to thwart matters at the local, jurisdictional, and ultimately national level.

Conference Certification is Extended Through October 30, 2022

The cost of the Virtual Certification is $150.

To Register: