About Scholastic Motivation Ministries

Scholastic Motivation Ministries intentionally empowers youth and young adults of our great church to excel academically, professionally and spiritually. With a strong national, jurisdiction and district presence, SMM is on the move for God.   Our mission is to equip and prepare youth to excel academically and develop professionally, to successfully and positively impact their faith, family and future.

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Scholastic Motivation Ministries provides a wonderful platform to recognize & reward youth for their academic and personal achievements. 

Programs and Ministries

Below is a list of all of the ministries offered by the International Scholastic Motivation Ministry.  You can access the program that interest you from our Programs and Ministry page.   Feel free to choose any program of interest, if you have additional questions you can contact that ministry coordinator directly.

Spelling Bee

Our Spelling Bee is open to all youth ages 6 to 18 years of age who are in the 1st grade thru 12th grade

Smart Money Matters

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake’s COGIC Urban Initiative targets financial literacy


Students with a strong background in mathematics are encouraged to participate.

Political Education

To develop a controlled municipal government environment for true to life political exercises

Oratorical Competition

The Oratorical Competition gives participants an opportunity to develop leadership skills

Robotics Ministry

Robotics is a multi-disciplinary tool that is being increasingly used worldwide in educational programs to motivate …

Creative Writers Workshop

To help youth and young adults who aspire in writing careers discover their potential.

Leadership Training & Development

Opportunity for SMM Jurisdictional Coordinators to interact

Achievers Hall of Fame

The Achievers Hall of Fame recognizes young people who exemplify the mission and vision of SMM

Ladies Workshop

Our objective is to heighten the level of spirituality and self-appreciation in COGIC young ladies …

Network Opportunity & Social

To allow high school and college students to interact with accomplished professionals in many areas …

National Bible Bowl

The Bible Bowl is a competition between teams, over their knowledge a pre-determined section of the Bible.

Youth Talent Showcase

Interested in Singing, Dancing, Spoken Word, Reciting a Poem, maybe Liturgical Praise?

Computer Workshop

The purpose of our Computer Workshop is to acquaint our youth with current hardware, and software operation

Gentlemen's Workshop

Our objective is to heighten the level of spirituality and self-appreciation in COGIC young men

Financial District

To provide a multi-day long exercise in a structured environment, allowing youth to engage in true to life financial transactions.

Personal & Professional Development Institute

The target group for this category is senior high school and college students.