COGIC Gentlemen’s Workshop

Our objective is to heighten the level of spirituality and self-appreciation in COGIC young men so that they will be representative of their denominational training. Also to help develop personal power traits that promote and project young men in social and professional relationships in the home, society and church.

To enlighten in life management skills which bring positive results through the application of biblical principles. To explore the dynamics of spiritual truth as it relates to a rewarding and enriching lifestyle. To equip young men with the tools to become confident, well-rounded, skillful leaders.

Youth Vision Board Workshop

If the COGIC Gentlemen’s Workshop is of interest to you and you would like to receive more information regarding this year’s workshop; you can contact contact our Scholastic Motivation Gentlemen’s Workshop Coordinator by Clicking Here.

The target group for this category is COGIC youth and young adults (males) ages 16 to 22 years.