How To Improve Your Child’s Grades in Only Seven Simple Steps

Written by Lottie N. Pitts

This manual has been written with you, the parents of elementary and middle school age students, in mind.  The author has outlined seven simple steps in the manual for the parents to execute, in order to promote and support your child’s academic success.   It has been designed to help in your efforts to make available your child an excellent opportunity to achieve their best academic accomplishment possible.  The manual, written in large print, will provide you, the parent or coach, with fundamental and invaluable hands on tools to utilize in the pursuit of your child’s academic enrichment.  It gives a clear-cut understanding of the actions you must take as a parent during this very important time of your child’s learning experience.

The Seven Simple Steps included in the manual are:

  1. Build up your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
  2. Teach your child the importance and benefits of practicing good study habits.
  3. Repetition really works.  Use the salesperson’s rule to help your child retain    information.
  4. Strengthen your child’s reading skills through implementation of quality reading exercises.
  5. For clarification, review the directions of homework assignments with your child.
  6. Need help?  Confer with your child’s teacher; or take advantage of activities and reference books, as well as on-line resources.
  7. Coach your child on how to ace the test every time.  Important tips are included.

Besides the above seven simple steps, the manual also includes practice lessons in Language Arts, and practice tests in Math problems, Word Problems, Counting Money, and Writing Skills.  It also encourages you to make up your own lessons and tests as well.  It also supplies a two-page list of references for your use.

“Do Not Give Up On Your Child’s Academic Success. It Is Still Within Reach.”

For more information on how to get your copy of the manual, please contact: [email protected]

A Brief Biography of

Lottie N. Pitts, Author

Dr. Lottie N. Pitts, the author, is a wife, mother, grandmother, former 5th Grade school teacher, tutor, and mentor.  Presently, she is the CEO and President of T.H.E. Learning Center, Inc. of Chicago.  She is a lifelong member of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc.  She is an evangelist, first lady, district missionary, and an assistant state supervisor of the Northern Illinois Jurisdiction, wherein Bishop Cody V. Marshall is her Jurisdictional Prelate and Mother N. Doris Rule is the State Supervisor of the Women’s Department.  Her husband/pastor is Elder Dr. Thaddeus L. Pitts.

Dr. Pitts shares her enthusiasm, experience, expertise, passion, and study in her manual, in hope to inspire, motivate, and educate you, the parent (coach).  She holds a BS degree in Educational Administration from Columbia State University, LA and a Masters degree in Christian Education from the Midwest Theological Institution.  In January 2008, she was conferred a Honorary Doctor Degree in Ministry of Christian Education from the Midwest Theological Institution of Indiana.

It is her ultimate desire for every child to excel in their pursuit for a high quality education.  That is why she has prayerfully taken conscientious steps in her manual to partner with you, the parents, as you accompany your children on the road to their academic success.