"Building healthy individuals, families and communities for a successful future"

Bishop Edwin C. Bass, President

COGIC Urban Initiatives is offering an online tool kit of programs that address education, economic development, crime reduction, family and financial literacy. To maximize the value of these programs, churches will need Internet access, computer hardware and computer software.


The Home Depot-COGIC Partnership Card offered through COGIC Urban Initiatives.

Here’s how it works:

–  All churches are eligible to participate in the program.

–  Wallet sized cards with all information needed to access the program have been printed and will be shipped in sufficient quantity to all Jurisdictional Bishops within the next 30 days.  In the interim, you may download the card by clicking the image below.


–  The card offers FOUR discount programs:

  1. Pro Paint, 20% off of retail at the point of sale.  Simply give the check out person our account phone number (901 947-9300) and you will receive the discount.
  2. Volume Pricing Discounts when making purchases of $ 1000 or more.  This discount averages up to 12% off depending on product type.  If a church meets the $ 1,000 threshold, it is automatically met for all churches for a seven day period.
  3. Instant Volume pricing covers only certain products purchased in bulk like roofing, flooring, wiring, etc.  This discount averages 8%.  See the PRO Desk at your local Home Depot for details.
  4. Multi-Phase Volume Discount which allows you to get the benefits of volume pricing discounts on projects with purchases made over a seven day period.

If we spend over $ 100,000 aggregately within a calendar year, a rebate of 3% of all sales made through the Partnership will be given to COGIC Urban Initiatives on March 31 of the following year to fund the Department.

Note:  If you anticipate a project with an expenditure of $ 10,000 or more contact Scott Matthews, Director of Strategic Accounts via e-mail at [email protected].  He will put you in contact with a manager at a store convenient to you who will assist you through the entire project.