The first Sunday School was started in Lexington, Mississippi, by Professor L.W. Lee in 1908. Professor Lee was the Principal of the College at Natchez, Miss. He was saved under Elder C. P. Jones in 1895. He was the first Sunday School Superintendent of the Church.

In 1916 in St. Louis, Missouri Elder F. C. Christmas ( Father Christmas ) led Sunday School classes with nine women and three men. After two months he introduced quarterlies. Some of the Saints battle against these books. Bishop Mason was called to St. Louis, and after seeing the results of the Sunday School saw that it was good for the Church.

In 1917, Overseer C. Bostic of Missouri had Eld. Christmas come to the National Convocation to present the Sunday School Professor Courts of Lexington, Miss. was in charge of the National Sunday School. After hearing Father Christmas, Professor Courts acknowledged that he was the man for the job. Mother Lizzie Robinson also believed that Father Christmas was the man for the job.

In 1924, Elder F. C. Christmas was appointed National Superintendent of Sunday School by Bishop Mason. After building the Sunday School Department in every state, a Assistant was needed. Elder L. C. Patrick was added to the National Sunday School. In 1944 Bishop Patrick became the National Superintendent. A National Sunday School Congress along with YPWW Congress began to meet in 1946. In 1951, the First National Sunday School Convention convened in Kansas City. Missouri.

In 1945 Bishop S. Crouch of Northern California appointed Elder H. C. Johnson as State Sunday School Superintendent, He in turn appointed Missionary Lucille Cornelius to be his Chairlady, the First in woman to work with the women in the Sunday Department. Mother Jones of Arkansas became the first National Field Representative under Bishop Patrick. In 1967 Bishop C. W. Williams became the National Sunday School Superintendent.

In 1968 under the direction of Bishop Roy Winbush of Louisiana, the Publishing House in Memphis, Tenn was started. In 1993 Bishop Jerry Macklin of California was appointed National Superintendent. Along with him is Sis. Gloria Smith of Washington as his National Field Representative.

In Memphis 1999 the International Sunday School was truly International, the Sunday School was live on the web during the World’s Greatest Sunday School Session. After the election of the late Bishop G.E. Patterson at Memphis 2000, Bishop Alton Gatlin of Louisiana has been reappointed to take to Sunday School new and greater levels, Along with newly appointed Evangelist Cloelia Penix along with (3) Vice Presidents Supt. Rodney Atkins, Supt. Darrak Scrules and Supt. Althea Sims.

Our current President is Superintendent Mark Ellis

Look for us to continue to make history.

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