IYD Team

The IYD Team is your team. When your mission is to maintain the interest and train our young people to assume the future responsibility of the Church. You need people who can create focused strategies that align with these specific goals of the church. We believe our team can infuse their creativity into groundbreaking campaigns, analyze data and technology to optimize every tactic in reaching youth, while staying connected to the leading of the spirit God. Get to know your IYD team below.

President Green

Supt. Nathaniel L. Green Sr.
International Youth Department President

Chairlady Kennedy

Evangelist Vandalyn Kennedy
International Youth Department Chairlady

Andrew Jackson

Supt. Andrew Jackson
Vice President of Operations & Logistics

Marlon Bush

Elder Marlon Bush
Vice President of Communications

Paul Gatlin

Elder Paul Gatlin
Vice President of Commissions

Quetin Battle

Elder Quentin Battle
Senior Advisor

Ryan Sims

Pastor Ryan Sims
Director of Communications


Elder Ender Austin
Director of Fiscal Affairs

Charlese Gore

Evangelist Charales Gore
Department Administrator, Operations

Takeitha Carter

Evangelist Takeitha Carter
Assistant Chairlady

Tahaiti Tinsley

Evangelist Tahaiti Tinsley
Assistant Chairlady

Crystal James

Evangelist Crystal James
Assistant Chairlady

Tiffany Glover

Evangelist Tiffany Glover
Assistant Chairlady

Ryan Allen

Elder Ryan Allen
Chief of Staff


Elder Larry Lewis
Chairman, National Coalition of Regional Presidents

Evangelist Demetra Williams
Chairperson, National Coalition of Jurisdictional Presidents

William Ward

Elder William Ward
Executive Assistant to President Green