His_MinistryAbout Bishop C.H. Mason’s Ministry

Bishop Mason has been ranked among a rare cadre of Pentecostal pioneers who built an African American majority denomination that is multi-racial in its membership and international in its mission focus.

Especially during the first few decades of his bishopric, the Church of God in Christ included black, white, and Latino congregations. There even existed interracial and multi-racial congregations in various states. Bishop Mason made history by breaking down racial barriers in the Christian church during the height of legalized, racial segregation in the United States. What an astonishing achievement!

As a mission-minded leader, Bishop Mason traveled abroad and saw churches in the various countries that he visited. He also wholeheartedly supported missions around the world. During his tenure as senior bishop, the Church of God in Christ sponsored missions and/or congregations in countries that included Jamaica, Haiti, the Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba, Liberia, Ethiopia, Great Britain, India and Thailand.

The rising generation will be inspired by Bishop Mason’s unwavering commitment and dedication to Jesus Christ, just as many of his contemporaries were awed by his love for God. His consecrated spirituality attracted people of all races to his ministry. His charismatic prayer life became a model which many people embrace even today.