Bishop LaDell Thomas, Jr.


Bishop LaDell Thomas Jr.: A Visionary Leader for the Church of God in Christ General Board.

With over four decades of transformative leadership in the Church of God in Christ, Bishop LaDell Thomas Jr. embodies the spirit of visionary and dynamic leadership. As the esteemed leader of the Texas Southeast Second Jurisdiction, Bishop Thomas Jr. has overseen remarkable growth across various medians to include church leaders, community leaders, and laity leaders.  Under his guidance, this jurisdiction has flourished, becoming a beacon of progressiveness in Texas.

Bishop Thomas Jr.’s 47-year journey in the ministerial realm, including 13 years as the Jurisdictional Bishop of the Texas Southeast Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, reflects his unwavering dedication to faith and community. His leadership has been a cornerstone in the development of people by fostering vibrant and spiritual environments for countless believers.

A family man at heart, Bishop Thomas Jr. is happily married to Tihara LaTrenda, sharing a life filled with love and purpose with their four children. His personal life is a testament to his values of family, faith, and community.

Renowned for his role as a builder, planter, and mentor, Bishop Thomas Jr. stands out as a pillar in the Church of God in Christ. As the eldest son of Bishop LaDell Thomas Sr., he has continued the legacy of exceptional leadership, making the Texas Southeast Second one of the fastest-growing jurisdictions in Texas.

His candidacy for the General Board of the Church of God in Christ is not just a step forward for him but a stride towards a future where leadership, vision, and steadfast faith converge. Bishop Thomas Jr. is not just a candidate; he is a symbol of progress, a mentor for leaders, and a visionary ready to take the Church of God in Christ to new generations.