St. Louis, MO
Eastern Missouri Western Illinois Jurisdiction
General Board Member, Bishop Lawrence M Wooten Sr, Prelate

I’ve been going to the Holy Convocation since 1977. One of my fondest memories is not of the actual Holy Convocation. My father was not Church of God in Christ, He was non- denominational.   I fell in love with this grand ol’ church because God had saved my mother and changed her life completely!

I was 9 years old. My parents were divorced. My time with my mom was the weekends. My father had forbid me to go to the Holy Convocation because I’d miss too much school. Well, when my mom’s church was leaving, I had to think and think fast. I wasn’t saved soooo, lying was a big part of me going that year. I didn’t tell my mom my plans or anyone else. I called a friend from her church and told HER mom. Late in the midnight hour, she and her mom came and picked me up. They parked wayyy down the block so the headlights from the car wouldn’t shine through the house. I tiptoed through the house, opened the door really slow  so it wouldn’t creak too loud and walked down the street with my suitcase and got in the car and we left. I had told my dad my mom was going to be taking me to school for the rest of the week. He trusted me so he never called to check to see if that was true.

I’ve loved the Holy Convocation ever since!

This year will mark 40 years I’ve been coming and I have no regrets. Now I’m Saved, Sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost and wouldn’t take nothing for my journey right now!

Sis. Melissa D. Green

Los Angeles, CA
California Southwest Jurisdiction

I love going to the International Holy Convocation and attending the largest Sunday School in the world on Official Day. It is exciting to fellowship with the saints from around the world. Sunday School is the best school in the world.

District Missionary Phyllis Benton

Los Angeles, CA
Saints Home COGIC
2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Southern California,
General Board Member, Bishop George Dallas McKinney, Jurisdictional Prelate

Granddaughter of Mother Elizabeth Nash

I grew up going to Holy Convocation with my grandmother, Mother Elizabeth Nash. Convocation always landed on my birthday week so it was especially exciting for me to spend a week with the friends I made throughout the years!

There are a myriad of fond memories to share but my mind immediately reflects to one in particular. It was the 99th Holy Convocation in 2006. My first without my grandmother. Feeling alone in her absence, I was pleasantly inundated with love from the saints! This would be the last time I would see Bishop G.E. Patterson. I will never forget him on that day. He was open, transparent and humble. He prayed for others regardless of his condition. The men of God surrounded him as he preached and you could SEE the anointing come over him and fill him with strength! He preached the word of God! Tears flowed uncontrollably down my face as that was the first time I saw the cloud of glory fill the building. I could physically feel the touch of the Lord. That experience has forever impacted my life.

Aspiring Missionary Samantha E. Nash

Eastvale, CA
Jurisdictional Sunday School Superintendent
California Southwest Jurisdiction

With great anticipation, I look forward to attending the International Holy Convocation.   The fellowship with one another is beautiful.

It is great participating on the International Sunday School Department conference calls, preparing for the Banner March, and just being a part of the Greatest School in the world; and when we all come together after months of preparation, everything is just awesome and so great!

I thank God for Vice President Althea Sims and Bishop Gatlin for allowing me to serve and be a part of the PR and Marketing Team for the ISSD.  Our Team consists of the most sincere, dedicated, hardworking and praying individuals with which it is a joy to be a part of their team.

Superintendent Juanita Bryant

Pine Grove, LA
Dean, International Sunday School Department
Field Representative, Louisiana East First Jurisdiction

I am proud to say my fondest memory about coming to the Holy Convocation is seeing the excitement on the saints’ faces when they see the human chain formed, with Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, the General Board and the Board of Bishops walking through with some of the most anointed men of God standing on both sides.  I can see the prayers going forth.  To God Be The Glory!!!

Dr. Jeannette H. Donald

Holy Convocation: I recall as a child the process of getting ready for Convocation. This included packing our bags and deciding to drive or fly to Memphis, Tennessee. No matter the mode of travel we knew we would stay in the Peabody for it was truly the place to be. We were fascinated by seeing the Bishops and Supervisors in their holy attire and their personal fashions.  The anointing was one thing that resided in their speaking, teaching, and even a kind word of encouragement. I looked forward to the relationships that you would build. We had friends that we knew we’d see each time the first week in November would come around and whether it was once a year or not it was a blessing. As the cities changed the excitement and love for the National Church still resides in my heart and I look forward to attending.

Bro. Bran’Don Brooks-Smith

Greatest Church in the world!

Bishop Talbert Swan

So grateful for God placing me under the covering of Church of God In Christ. The app and page is such a blessing, so informative and allows the connection for those who are unable to make it to some of the events.

Nawtissha Edwards

COGIC is a wonderful organization with a global reach, impacting the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bishop Tyrone L. Butler

Power packed preaching, life changing and world healing ministry! I love it!

Gwendolyn Cage

One of the many things I love about the Church of God in Christ organization is that it grooms young men and women for public speaking and leadership. In my early years of attending Sunshine Band and Purity Class my local church made me memorize and recite lengthy speeches. I didn’t know at the time that I was being prepared for something greater in life. Thanks to the training, public speaking and leadership skills are now a few of my strong suits. I now serve in several leadership roles in my community and church.

Christopher Coleman

Four generations in and I’m still not DOUBTIN’ BOUT THE WAY. This is the Lord’s church, and one that I am proud to be a part of. So great a church and so marvelous a heritage — THIS IS THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST!

Minister R. Elliot Briggs

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