Sunday School Gets Souls to the Polls

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  1. I may already be registered but I don’t know. How do I know if I’m registered to vote?

    You can check your voter registration status directly with your state or by using our voter registration lookup tool.

  2. Can you register to vote online?

    Some states do offer online voter registration. Check with your local voter registration and/or your state election offices or register to vote online with or

  3. I know someone who’s mentally impaired/disabled. Can they vote?

    In most states, if a person has been declared “non-compos mentis,” or “mentally incompetent” by a court of law, that person is ineligible to vote. For more information on how your state defines this, get the information to contact your state.

  4. When is the last day to register to vote?

    Voter Registration postmark deadlines vary from 30 days out to just a couple of days before the elections. Check out our Election Center for information for the voter registration deadlines in your state.

  5. Where do I vote early?

    Check out the Rock the Vote Election Center for information on where you can vote early.

  6. How do I obtain an absentee ballot?

    To vote by absentee ballot, you must submit an absentee ballot request form through your state. You can grab yours at the Rock the Vote Election Center.

  7. What if I go to the polls and they tell me I am not registered to vote?

    First, make sure you are at the right polling place. If you are at the wrong polling place they will not have your name on the list of voters. If you are at the correct location and are not on the list, you can still cast a ballot. Ask the poll worker for a provisional ballot. After the polls close on Election Day the state will check on the status of your voter registration and if there was a mistake made. The state must notify you as to whether your ballot was counted. If you have a problem voting and think your rights have been denied, call (866) OUR- VOTE. There will be lawyers there to help.

  8. Where do I vote on Election Day?

    CLICK HERE to find out where you vote on Election Day. Polling places are usually within walking distance of your home (unless you are in a very rural area). A polling place can be in a business, a person’s house, a school, or a community center, to name a few establishments.

  9. How to sign up in your community?

    Each state recruits poll workers differently. Typically signing up to be a poll worker is done with your local election office. In some places this is a county election office but it may also be a registrar or clerk at the county or local level.

  10. Tracking your ballot

    You can track your ballot directly with your state. For Example.