COGIC is taking a serious approach to the medical and general health of its constituents.  This can be realized by the creation of a department responsible for the health and wellness of our people.

Under this organizational paradigm may lie the divisions of medical and human services most likely to positively affect COGIC members. These may also be supported by private healthcare agencies and companies like pharmaceuticals, foundations and such like.  Services provided to members would include:

  This program will begin with the calling together of the medical professionals already working in various ministries throughout the country.  These will become the nucleus of a working committee to bring forth a nationwide and international Health and Wellness Ministry.  Specialists from all areas of the medical arena will be utilized to produce advisories, publishable on the internet, designed especially for our people.  A regularly updated Health Care Report will inform the church-world of such things as how to prepare for pandemic Influenza, prevention advisories, geriatric self care… and the potential subjects go on and on.

If you are interested in becoming part of the COGIC Global Health network, please register with us

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