Welcome to COGIC Girls Rock

COGIC Girls Rock (CGR) is a trailblazing, highly-energetic, inspirational movement that celebrates contributions of Young Women in the Church Of God In Christ. This movement of beauty and brilliance is devoted to recognizing young women from all over the world who confidently exemplifies Godly living, courageously building positive relationships and modeling sisterhood.

Our Mission

To acknowledge, affirm, recognize and celebrate Young Women in the Church Of God In Christ, all over the world, ages 13-35, for their contributions in the areas of positive self-awareness, innovation, academic astuteness, community service, leadership proficiency, entrepreneurship, vocational exposure, technology, media, civic engagement, and overall Godly stewardship.

Evangelist Vandalyn Kennedy 
International Chairlady

We are so excited to present COGIC Girls Rock in our 2024 AIM Convention!

The 2024 COGIC Girls Rock Competition, hosted by the International Youth Department, is currently accepting nominations from talented and driven young women. Our aim is to empower and celebrate women by providing a platform to demonstrate their unique skills in various fields such as academics, music, entrepreneurship, STEM, and more. Check out the nomination requirements below and register to showcase your abilities!


The 2024 COGIC Girls Rock Awards is open for nominations, and we welcome self-nominations as well as nominations for other outstanding young women in the Church of God in Christ. All young women are eligible for nomination. If you know a young woman who is making an extraordinary impact in any of the following categories, encourage her to compete for the awards:

Spotlight - $75.00

Nominate COGIC Young Women achieving extraordinary accomplishments to be recognized during COGIC Girls Rock Awards 2024 for the categories of:
  • Community Service
  • Administrative/Support
  • Mentorship
  • STEM
  • Talent
  • Start Up Business (Must have been established within the last three (3) years.)

Competitive - $100.00

Nominate COGIC Young Women achieving extraordinary accomplishments to compete for the COGIC Girls Rock Awards 2024 Title in the categories of:
  • Academics
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Performing Arts
  • Entrepreneurship (Business established at least 3 years or more)
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Media / Beauty (Including, but NOT limited to: Print Runway/ Commercial Model)
  • Media /Graphics (Including but NOT limited to: Graphics, Web, Media, & Digital Design)
  • Visual Arts (Including but NOT limited to: Paining, Sculpting, & Photography)
  • Oratorical (Including but NOT limited to: Speech, Debate, Public Speaking, Spoken Word)


  • Must be a young woman, age 13-35, in good standing as a member operating faithfully within the COGIC.
  • Multiple categories REQUIRE an additional nomination/application
  • Must submit a completed application with one (1) signature from either her Pastor, Jurisdictional//Regional Youth President or Chairlady. (This is to verify membership within COGIC).
  • Must support the COGIC Girls Rock Award Ceremony by soliciting sponsorship for the entry fee of $75 (Spotlight Categories) or $100 (Competitive Categories Ways to solicit sponsorships)  Spotlight Categories: Obtain 3 Sponsors that will willingly support with $25, Competitive Categories: Obtain 4 Sponsors that will support with $25  (For example, sponsors can include: parents, Pastor and First Lady, Family Members, Teachers, Friends, neighbors, Coworkers, etc.)
  • Upon receipt of Nomination/Registration application, participants will receive a detailed email with further instructions on how to submit supporting documentation.
  • All supporting documents must be submitted by Thursday, June 20, 2024.


Join the COGIC Girls Rock Initiative! Your charitable contribution in any amount graciously assists in providing transformational trainings, educational resources, and relevant networking opportunities that strengthen the future of our generations!