Los Angeles, CA
Saints Home COGIC
2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Southern California,
General Board Member, Bishop George Dallas McKinney, Jurisdictional Prelate

Granddaughter of Mother Elizabeth Nash

I grew up going to Holy Convocation with my grandmother, Mother Elizabeth Nash. Convocation always landed on my birthday week so it was especially exciting for me to spend a week with the friends I made throughout the years!

There are a myriad of fond memories to share but my mind immediately reflects to one in particular. It was the 99th Holy Convocation in 2006. My first without my grandmother. Feeling alone in her absence, I was pleasantly inundated with love from the saints! This would be the last time I would see Bishop G.E. Patterson. I will never forget him on that day. He was open, transparent and humble. He prayed for others regardless of his condition. The men of God surrounded him as he preached and you could SEE the anointing come over him and fill him with strength! He preached the word of God! Tears flowed uncontrollably down my face as that was the first time I saw the cloud of glory fill the building. I could physically feel the touch of the Lord. That experience has forever impacted my life.