March 13, 2020


Greetings In the Name Of Our Risen King,

I pray that you, your family and those you lead are well in the grace of God our Father.  As you well know we are in the midst of a global crisis. The COVID-19 Virus, also called the Corona Virus has swept across the planet.  In fact, The World Health Organization has this week classified this virus as a Pandemic.  Many have died and the forecasts by Public Health Officials are uncertain.

As a result, Presiding Bishop, General Board in consultation with public health officials such as; the Centers For Disease Control have expressed grave concerns for the safety and well-being of those who serve on the front-lines to advance the Kingdom Of God.  It is clear that the World Missions workers regularly risk our lives and literally face death in many situations.  Yet, this situation is unique because it is not only about our individual lives, but we do not want to bring harm to those we serve.  This is especially complex since we serve in 112 Countries.

To these ends, our denominational leadership has decided that COGIC World Missions official activities are suspended around the world until further notice.  This includes, Youth On A Mission teams, The Prayer Retreat, The South African Leadership Summit, Saints Adventure Camp, The Indo China Peninsula Pastors Conference and other large-scale activities that are scheduled for the next few months.  Please know that while our missions’ trips are cancelled, the GREAT COMMISION must move forward.

Thus, in this time of uncertainty, we must be certain that Jesus is still on the throne.  We must redouble our efforts toward prayer and fasting.  We must also allow the Holy Ghost to give us innovative, creative and impactful ministry in this tumultuous season. This ministry should especially focus upon our senior citizens and other vulnerable citizens in our population.  I am certain that God will use us to bring maximum glory to our savior during this time.  We will continue to communicate in writing as the situation progresses.


Because Of Calvary,




Vincent Mathews
President, COGIC World Missions