Disaster Relief

Without warning, natural disasters affect many global communities. It can be difficult to rebuild and renew after such catastrophic devastation. Our disaster relief program is designed to reach out and provide assistance to those who are in through monetary gifts and other support either as an organization or in collaboration with others.


As tuition prices increase both in public and private institutions of higher learning, we try to increase our giving to recipients of our scholarship program and increase the number of scholarship recipients.

Community Unity Drives

During holiday season and other times of the year, it is important to embrace the community in which we live. Our community drive program is a way to provide families crippled by economic hardships in our local reach with assistance through outreach that is both financially and emotionally supportive.

Special Programming

As we build our corporate relationships, we find that there are innovative ways to reach many segments of the local and global community through our special programming. These programs are developed with our corporate partners to focus on more specific issues that occur as a result of an event, an ongoing initiative or in response to statistical trends.