When will COGIC Mart’s Exhibitor Registration open?

Registration for the 113th Holy Convocation COGIC Mart will go live Monday, July 12, 2021, at 12:00 Noon EST. You may begin the registration process here.

Where will COGIC Mart be located?

The 113th Holy Convocation COGIC Mart will be in two prime locations. The Renasant Convention Center Lower Ballroom and the Heritage Ballroom in the attached Sheraton Downtown Hotel.

How long will Registration be available?

COGIC Mart is based on a first come/first serve basis. Exhibitor space is limited.

Can I pay for my space in installment payments?

No, payment for space must be paid in full at time of registration.

Am I able to select my own booth space?

Once registration is completed (including full payment) booth space will be assigned by COGIC Mart Management.

Am I able to access the Convocation hotels during the Registration process?

Yes, you may secure available housing within the registration process.

How do I register if I rolled my deposit over from the 2020 Holy Convocation?

Our COGIC Mart Management team is in the process of contacting each company with a deposit on file. If your information has changed from what was submitted on your 2019/2020 application, please send an email to [email protected] with your updated information.

Are there any Sponsorship opportunities to partner with COGIC Mart available?

We have created a host of exciting options to assist with increasing your brand presence. Contact us for specific opportunities.

Are there any ‘Prime or Premium’ Booths within COGIC Mart?

Due to the limited space, all COGIC Mart (10×10) booth spaces are offered at the same price.

When will I know where my booth will be located, and will I be able to view the space before arriving on site?

Communications will be provided to all Exhibitors prior to arrival of booth location and other pertinent COGIC Mart information.

What comes with my booth?

Each booth has the following: 6’ skirted table; 2 side chairs; 1 wastebasket w/liner; Signage with company name and booth number; Back and side drapes; Exhibitor Packet.

Will there be any labor assistance available to help me with my load-in and load-out?

Yes, the procedure and process of hiring labor assistance will be included in the COGIC Mart Exhibitor Package.