Mother Emma Crouch

Mother Emma Crouch

Fifth General Supervisor 1994-1997

Mother Emma Frances Crouch

crouchAmong the more prominent and recent figures in COGIC history is the diminutive, Mother Emma Frances

Crouch. She was the latest of the godly women of high administrative rank to leave these earthly shores.

Still we honor her recent memory as much as pioneer like Lizzie Woods Robinson, Lillian Brooks Coffey,

Annie Bailey and Mattie McGlothen.

Like the church, Mother Crouch was born and shaped in humble beginnings. Her birth on a Texas

Homestead in 1911 typified the challenges confronting her development and encouraged her longevity in

Christian service. Born Emma Frances Searcy, the native Texan was saved, sanctified and filled with the

Holy Ghost in 1930. She married Elder B.J. Crouch (later Bishop) and enjoyed family life in the church.

She proved to be an ardent worker for the Lord and her church. The quiet spirit she was, masked her

dynamism in local helped her life as model for other aspiring missionaries. She started at the local and

state level ministries and worked her way through the ranks. She served as YPWW Chairlady, district

Missionary, and became the first and only Supervisor of Women for the Texas Southwest Jurisdiction. IN

1956, she was appointed by Bishop T.D. Iglehart to that position and served with honor. On the National

Board of Trustees. Her tenure as supervisor was accented in 1976 with her appointment as First Assistant

General Supervisor.

In 1994, Mother Crouch was elevated by the late Presiding Bishop Louis H. Ford to the rank of General

Supervisor of Women. Her time of service was brief by the standard of her predecessors but nonetheless


Mother Crouch exemplified holiness through her daily walk in life. By any standard, she proved to be a

gifted and dedicated woman of service. Some people speak about their focus of faith and labor. Mother

Emma crouch lived that focused life with distinction. She organized the Christian Women’s Council.

Let celebrate Mother Crouch’s life and legacy. Her labor was that of a worthy and prudent woman. She

added to the rich heritage and tradition of COGIC woman everywhere. This historic observation is

appropriate but the reward that Christ has for her is what she truly deserves. Possibly, we women who

remain can recognize through her life that in the Church Of God In Christ a woman can have it all; family

and ministry! Mother Crouch now rest with those whom she labored so incessantly. She joined them in

rank and on January 6, 1997, in heavenly reward.


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