From the Desk of the Presiding Bishop

With 12,000 congregations in 105 countries, the Church Of God In Christ has become the largest African-American denomination in North America over the past 115 years.  In the past eighteen years, millions of dollars have been used to aid thousands of men and women through missions, financial education, employment, and educational assistance.   We want and need to do more, but we need your assistance!

COGIC Laity 2023 is our campaign to solicit $20 from the church’s numerous laity members.  This gift will have far-reaching effects and assist the Church Of God In Christ in remaining a shining example of Jesus Christ’s compassion.

God favors us when we unite in harmony.  I would like to see at least one million lay members of the Church Of God In Christ stand tall, take action, and designate themselves “COGIC Laity 2023 Supporters”!  Your donation of $20 will unquestionably contribute to the success of our efforts in the United States and abroad.

I consider inactivity to be the graveyard of hopes and aspirations.  I therefore urge you to take action by giving your 2023 COGIC Laity contribution today!

In His Service,

Bishop J. Drew Sheard
Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle
Church Of God In Christ, Inc.


Joy of Serving

Christians have a joy in serving. We all share in the aspiration of giving and achieving. The laity report allows each member to help in this significant cause in this most pessimistic generation. Presenting the laity report provides a fresh and meaningful joy for each member to say, ``I've contributed.`` The pleasure of giving extends worldwide collaboration and teamwork wherever our Church is committed to the cause of Christ. This laity report is the source of that joy. Give!

Laboring in Ministry

Often the saints comment, ``If only I had the opportunity to work in the mission field or teach the needy and the biblically unlearned in distance places throughout the world.`` There is no reason to lament and feel frustrated. Your labor is made possible through paying the Laity Report in 2023. The laity is the support system that lifts our worldwide institution to higher, lofty goals that break the back of ignorance, isolation, poverty, and sinfulness. Give, and those who lead and serve at every level of the Church provide essential support! Giving is a job for each willing soul, give and make the labor possible.

Giving Brings God's Providence

The 2023 Laity Report offers a reason to celebrate during harsh times. Jesus said in Matthew 6:27, ``Which of you can add one cubit to your stature?`` Your Church is offering you an opportunity to affirm the providence of God in your life and empower the Church to serve. No matter how small or unknown you may feel, God can bring evidence of providence, His grace, and purpose through your gift. Twenty dollars can make a difference and bring God's providence into more lives. Give!


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