There is no other ministry quite like puppet ministry! Puppets are effective in reaching, teaching, and entertaining audiences of all ages and are a GREAT way to teach children about the Bible!! These fun, colorful, animated characters live in an imaginary world, but they can express, talk and sing about real issues too.

Ministering to children comes with a host of challenges, but puppets can help to overcome many of them. In the hands of dedicated puppeteers, puppets can make us laugh, cry, and share important Biblical messages. Children enjoy having fun during puppet presentations while learning at the same time. When you create a fun and educational environment, children will respond positively.

Steps to Start your Puppet Ministry

  1. Prayerful consider using puppets in your Children’s ministry, let the Lord guide you in whether or not this ministry will work with program.
  2. Get Volunteers. You will need at least two volunteers, more if you plan on doing large productions. Talk with your youth director about possible workers; teenagers can be very good and energetic puppeteers. Let the church know of the opportunity to minister through the puppet program.
  3. You will need a stage for your puppets to perform in. A stage can be a simple wall or more elaborate. If you need a stage it will be much cheaper to build then to purchase one. You can find instructions to build a nice stage by doing a Google search, or you can contact us and we can send you some suggestions.
  4. Skits – Use skits to reinforce the themes off your lesson. Skits should be short (5-7 minutes). There are many free resources for puppet skits; you can also purchase skits at your local Christian bookstore. Another idea is to write your own skits or there may be a talented writer in your congregation that is looking for an opportunity.
  5. Puppets for Music – Use puppets to perform music for the class or as a sing along. Children will enjoy the interaction with the puppets during the worship music.

Greater Pentecostal Puppeteers

One of the premier performing arts ministries which has enhanced the worship ministry of our church can be found in Witchita Kansas, The Greater Pentecostal Puppeteers.  This ministry has blessed the hearts of young and old for years in our national meetings across the country. Director Tevin Hines has dedicated much time and effort to producing productions that illustrae excelence.  You can contact Tevin Hines and Greater Pentecostal for ministry opportunities in your local jurisdictions and churches. More About Greater Pentecostal

Creative Praise Puppet Ministry

There is no other ministry quite like the Creative Praise Puppet Ministry! Creative Praise puppets are effective in reaching, teaching, and entertaining audiences of all ages. They aren’t just for children. Everybody loves puppets!

In the hands of dedicated puppeteers, these foam and fabric creations can make us laugh, make us cry, and can even share important Biblical messages. Our puppets are fun and non-threatening. As a caricature of humanity, they can present significant truths in a manner that is easily accepted, similar to the role of the court jester in days of old. Many unique opportunities for ministry are available to puppeteers, as puppets can open doors to unexpected and surprising venues for sharing God’s word.

If your on the west coast, and would like to attend a puppet workshop, need help starting an effective puppet ministry, give Creative Praise Puppet Ministry a call.  We can also be booked for your next event.  More About Creative Praise

Gospo Gospel Puppet Factory

Gospo Gospel Puppet Factory is a professional puppet design studio located in the Los Angeles area building puppets for independent puppeteers and church ministries. Specializing in both creative design and fabrication of custom puppets. Gospo’s Puppets are uniquely designed just for you, from initial concept to completed puppet design, the craftsman’s secret is the handmade, amazingly life like eyes, as well as his meticulous technique of blending fabrics for the puppets’ pelts and hairpieces.

Gospo Gospel Puppet Factory, has a full line of Gospel Sock puppets at $10.00, Waist-Line puppets at $30.00 and Full length puppets at $40.00 each. However you can send a photo and Gospo can make a puppet to resemble the person in the photo. This is a great option for anniversaries, birthdays, appreciation services, and all keepsakes. Puppet workshops and presentations are also available. Contact us with your ideas, and let us make them a reality with professional studio quality puppets to fit all your needs. More about Gospo Puppet Factory

Additional Information

There are many different puppet types; glove, full, half body, and marionette puppets, some have string others have rods to control the puppets.

Hand Puppet

Glove / Sock Puppet

There are many variations to a hand puppet. If the puppet does not have a movable mouth, three fingers on one hand become the neck and two arms. This type of puppet is often called a glove puppet. If the puppet has a movable mouth, traditionally the thumb serves as the lower jaw; the four fingers form the upper mouth.

Rod Puppet

Sticks or wire rod manipulate rod puppets attached to the neck and hands. In most cases, these controls come from below.Rod puppets mayalso be worked with rods from above, or any direction necessary for good movement and performance.

Hand and Rod Puppet

This is the style made famous by the Muppet’s. The puppeteer uses his hand to move the puppet’s mouth while rods attached to the puppet’s hands animate the arms.

Marionette (String Puppet)

One of the most difficult forms of puppetry to manipulate effectively, marionettes on strings. Usually there are eight basic strings to a well-designed marionette. However, some marionettes can have thirty or more. A good marionette performer learns how to use gravity to give the puppet life and weight. To work a marionette well, one must practice.

Here Are Some Online Resources

  • Build Your own Puppet Stage, download your diagram and instructions here. Click Here to Download
  • Oriental Trading Company (OTC). OTC has hand puppets you can purchase for under $40.00 Click Here
  • Looking for Biblical Charictor puppets? You can try the or Amazon Click Here
  • Looking for Skits or Scripts to use for your puppet show, here is a great resource, Puppet Resources .com

If your church as a wonderful Puppet Ministry, let us know we would love to help promote your ministry or show a video of one of your performances.