BISHOP ROBERT G. RUDOLPH, JR., was installed to the office of Adjutant General of the Church of God in Christ on April 3, 2017, in Memphis, Tennessee, by Bishop Charles E. Blake. Bishop Rudolph serves as the Chief Minister of Protocol for the Church Of God In Christ and assists the Presiding Bishop in directing the National Adjutancy.  Bishop Rudolph’s responsibilities include; preparing the consecration and installation of bishops, the dignified execution of home going celebrations for deceased leaders, assisting the Presiding Bishop in the orderly conduct of national ceremonies and performing other duties as assigned.  Under Rudolph’s leadership the National Adjutancy Corps has experienced exponential growth.  He instituted innovative trends in technology, expanded the organizational  and administrative structure of the Corps and developed monumental platforms for service and global scope within the National Adjutancy.

Bishop Rudolph is the eldest son of the late Pastor Robert G. Rudolph and Mrs. Peggy Rudolph.  Since 2003, he has been happily married to Lady Michelle Parham Rudolph who supports his ministry wholeheartedly.  At the age of five, he dedicated his life to the Lord and was filled with the Holy Ghost.  At the age of seven he preached his first sermon while standing upon a chair in the pulpit.  He was ordained at the age of sixteen by the former, Presiding Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., and he has thirty-three years of pastoral experience.   In addition to his pastorate, Rudolph is the New Day District Superintendent, the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Prelate and Secretary of the Arkansas Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction under the capable leadership of Bishop Frank J. Anderson, Jr.

Bishop Rudolph’s secular career spanned three decades of service in the areas of politics and government which included; serving as a clerk for the Arkansas Legislature, an aide to a United States Congressman, and a Special Assistant to the Governor of Arkansas.

Between 2000 and 2007, Bishop Rudolph served as a Special Assistant to the General Secretary, the late Elder A. Z. Hall, Jr.  In 2007, upon the recommendation of the former Adjutant General and current General Board member, Bishop Matthew Williams, Bishop Rudolph was appointed as the Scribe of the National Adjutancy.  From 2007 to 2017, in this capacity, Bishop Rudolph assisted the Presiding Bishop and members of the General Board with guiding the Church Of God In Christ in over 200 national home-going celebrations of bishops.  Additionally, he has assisted in the consecration of bishops and has been given the distinct honor of announcing the apostolic procession at ceremonies across the country and the world.

From 2009 to present, Bishop Rudolph serves as an Assistant General Secretary, to the current General Secretary, Bishop Joel H. Lyles, Jr.  His responsibilities have included; the maintenance of the COGIC archives and further representing the General Secretary when necessary at home going celebrations as well as advising on matters of protocol.  In addition, he serves the Office of the Presiding Bishop as an Associate White House Liaison.  At the request of the Presiding Bishop he has represented the Church Of God In Christ at the White House Roundtable of African American Faith Leaders.  In this position, he has participated in several discussions regarding criminal justice reform, healthcare reform, climate change and the environment.

On April 8, 2014, at Mason Temple Church Of God In Christ, Memphis, Tennessee, the recommendation of Rudolph to the episcopacy by the Presiding Bishop and the General Board was ratified by the General Assembly.  Bishop Rudolph was elected President of the 2014 Episcopal Class by his peers; the largest class of Bishops in the history of the denomination.  On November 9, 2014, during the 107th International Holy Convocation, he was formally consecrated at the hands of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake to the Office of Bishop in St. Louis, Missouri.  On November 11, 2019, during the 112th International Holy Convocation,  the recommendation of Presiding Bishop and the General Board once again was ratified by the General Assembly, officially confirming the appointment of Bishop Robert G. Rudolph, Jr., as Jurisdictional Prelate of the Sint Maarten Rehoboth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Church Of God In Christ, Inc.  In this position, he provides executive direction and leadership to eastern Caribbean churches and ministries.