The National Adjutancy Academy is the fundamental training mechanism for all categories of Adjutants within the National Adjutancy Corps. The Academy provides multifaceted and intensive liturgical training and strategic planning in protocol, order and execution of National ceremonies and official worship within the National Church.  The Academy prepares National Adjutants for the effective and seamless execution of duties and responsibilities of services assigned by the Presiding Bishop.


The National Adjutancy Academy is held twice a year: (1) during the AIM (Auxiliaries in Ministry) Convention and (2) during the Holy Convocation. The four-day sessions of the Academy feature (a) Interactive classes, (b) Early morning Focus Group Symposiums, (c) Inspirational Worship experiences, (d) Demonstration Practicums and (e) Question and Answer Panel Forums.

Categories of training are included for

  1. Level 1: New Adjutants
  2. Level 2: Non-Leadership Liturgical Adjutants
  3. Jurisdictional Chief Adjutants & Lead Adjutant Sisters
  4. Adjutant Mothers
  5. Overseers
  6. Spouses of Servants


Eligible Adjutant Brothers must obtain the recommendation and approval of their Pastor and Jurisdictional Bishop as evidenced by their original signature on the required Registration form. Adjutant Sisters must obtain the recommendation and approval of their Pastor, Jurisdictional Bishop along with their Jurisdictional Supervisor as evidenced by their original signature on the required registration form.


Persons desiring to become a National Adjutant must complete a required registration form and submit the appropriate fees to the National Adjutancy Office.  This form is made available online prior to each National Adjutancy Academy sessions in July and November. PRE-REGISTRATION is strongly encouraged to insure reservations for guaranteed Training Materials and badging. Those National Adjutants who don’t pre-register may face extended wait times at on-site registration and risk experiencing delays and no availability of Training Materials that are available on an “as supplies last” basis for those who have chosen on-site registration.


Attendance at the National Adjutancy Academy is mandatory to become a certified National Adjutant.  Certification is granted after an Adjutant Brother or Adjutant Sister has completed three (3) National Adjutancy Academy sessions (including at least one Summer Academy) within a five (5) year period commencing with the first Academy attended.  Attendance tracking is through a required original signature every day during the Academy.

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