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  • Brandi Walker-Brown says:

    Hello!  I have a 14 year-old daughter whom I would like to participate in these various activities.  Please keep me posted on upcoming events and the COGIC GIRLS ROCK campaign.  Thank you!

  • Bernard Cobbs says:

    I live in Arkansas and was not able to attend the AIMS Meeting. I would like to know wat book we will b studing this year and if u have any thing for the bible bowl I would appreciate it

  • Peggy Contreas says:

    Please keep me posted.  i have just been appointed the YPWW President at my church and i am looking for ways to build and promote the department, and to get the youth involved.  Thanks

  • Bridgette butler says:

    Would Like to know the day to day curriculum. For the youth while they are there for the week.

  • Robert Jackson says:


    I would like to know where i can find the smm compotion information. The only thing posted is 2014 stuff and our aim is coming up and we would like to prepare our childern for it but there is only old stuff up….Please help!!!

  • Kayara Upchurch says:

    Hello I have a youth group of over 25 youth at our local church we would like to participate in many hting please email with up coming events were coming down to AIM can the praise dancers dance please email information on how and where to sign the girls up to dance at aim. Thanks Kay

    [email protected]