2020 AIM Convention CANCELLED




Dear AIM Delegates:

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

On behalf of the International Auxiliaries In Ministry Convention (AIM) Department Leaders and entire Planning Commission, we stand in solidarity and support of the wise, Spirit-filled, and discerning leadership and decisions of our
imminent leader Presiding Bishop Charles Blake and the entire presidium of our Church. We are thankful for the caliber of leadership he is providing to the Lord’s Church as we navigate through this unprecedented season. Although we are
disappointed we will not be able to see and fellowship with you as planned, we without any reservation support the decision to postpone/cancel this year’s convention, as it is unquestionably in the best interest of everyone’s health and

Thank you for the enormous support and excitement that you exhibited by registering and preparing to join us in Columbus, OH for the 2020 Convention. We believe our great God will bring us through this and we will convene the AIM Convention in the future. It is our sincere desire that you will plan to share with us during the next AIM Experience. To that end, there are two options we would like to offer the delegates who had already pre-registered for 2020 AIM. One, your current full registration fees will be counted toward the next scheduled AIM and you will yet receive and enjoy ALL the wonderful, associated amenities your respective registration level included as well as remain priority. The second option is you may request a refund of your current registration which will require you to register again once registration is open. Please see the AIM FAQ page for details.

Stay connected to AIM for updates via cogic.org/aim as well as social media.

Please know that we are continuously praying for you, our Presiding Bishop and presidium, our entire Church and leadership, and indeed our world.

By faith, we definitely look forward to seeing you in the future. STAY HEALTHY!

Humbly submitted,


Linwood E. Dillard, Jr.
Chairman, International AIM Convention

Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs)

Is the 2020 International Auxiliaries in Ministry Convention cancelled?

Yes. Given the fluid nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, it was necessary that we cancel the convention for the safety of our delegates.

What happens to the money that I paid for registration?

There are two options:
  1. It is our sincere desire that you will plan to share with us during the next AIM Convention. Current paid registration fees may be used for 2021 AIM and you will receive and enjoy ALL the wonderful, associated benefits and amenities your respective registration level included. If you desire to use the current registration for the 2021 AIM Convention, you will be placed in the departmental hotel you previously selected.
  2. You may request a refund. Please note, new registration will be required for the 2021 AIM Convention.

How long do I have to request a refund?

Delegates have 60 days to request a refund from the Convention.

How soon can I expect my refund?

Requested refunds will be forwarded within 90 days.

How will my money be refunded?

Money paid by credit card for registration will automatically be credited to the credit card used to secure the registration. If you paid by check or money order, a check will be issued to the delegates name on the registration. Refunds will be issued in batches in the order requests were received and approved. Approval can take up to 90 days. We cannot refund service fees. Groups will be refunded to the group leader.

I have questions regarding my refund, who do I contact?

If there is a question that has not been answered, please email Evangelist Lakweshia Ewing (Convention Registrar) at [email protected] or call 1-888-771-7190 and we’ll get you an answer within 48 hours.

I paid for an exhibit booth, how will I get a refund?

We will refund your money back to the credit card used to secure the booth. It will take at least two to three months before monies will be disbursed. Please be patient with us, we want to make sure we do this properly.

Can my Funds be transferred to another Church of God in Christ Convention?

No. Sorry, but your registration deposit cannot be transferred to another Church of God in Christ Convention.

What about hotel reservations and deposits?

The hotel deposits were not processed.