The Judiciary Board is the Supreme Court of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. (COGIC). As the final authority of questions of ecclesiastical constitutional doctrine, it maintains balance between the Legislative (General Assembly) and Executive Branch (General Board). The Judiciary Board is also the final appellate forum of the COGIC for disputes, except in cases that have been appealed to the Presiding Prelate for executive clemency (i.e. Pastoral and Bishops removals and Church disorganization).

The Judiciary Board is comprised of nine members from Episcopal, Ministerial and General Assembly categories of the church. Three members are Jurisdictional Bishops (Episcopal); three members are elders other than bishops (Ministerial); and three members are from the church at large (General Assembly). Board members are elected and retained in office by the General Assembly.

Each member cannot serve more than two terms; nor can he or she serve more than 14 years in office, unless approved by the delegates of the General Assembly. Each Judiciary Board member is at least 45 years of age and an active member of the Church Of God In Christ in good standing. Because their duties require them to function as “judges,” it is imperative that each possess mature judgment, proven ability, integrity and a thorough knowledge of the Church Of God In Christ constitution and doctrine.

Judiciary Board Members

The members of the Judiciary Board include:

Chief Justice, Superintendent Thomas Jackson

1st Vice

Supt. Talbert Swann 

2nd Vice

Dr. Valda Slack

Secretary Justice

Bishop E. Charles Conner


Justice Asst. Supervisor Judge Casandra Lewis

Justice Elder Peter Johnson Davis Esq.

Justice Bishop Enoch Perry III

Justice Bishop Joseph Clemmons

Justice Bishop Martin Luther Johnson

Court Administration

Chief Clerk of Court Overseer Pastor Andre Johnson J.D.