1. CONGRATS TO THE GREAT BISHOP CARLIS MOODY. I remeber he came to our church a long time ago and preached the rug off the floor. God is going to continue to bless and keep this great man of God..

  2. Bishop Moody, you have done so much for the kingdom and people of God worldwide!  We are so happy to acknowledge your hard work and the many years of excellent service you have given.  May the Lord continue to shower you with his choice blessings as you advance in God's work!!  You are precious to us! Thank you for obeying the voice of God and especially giving your life for Missions.

    Pastor Jeffery and Lady Parmela Hunt

    Sacramento, CA

    Bishop Albert Galbraith – Prelate

    Mother Richardine Hunt – Supervisor of Women

  3. Bishop Moody, Sir, the opportunity to served under your tutelage was an honor as I served the U.S. Military in Germany from 1992 – 2006.  Your leadership, wisdom, godly instructions, and most of all your godly example was the catapult for myself and my family going to greater levels in the Spirit.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you for being the Man of God who answered the Call of God for your life given as a sacrifice for the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God.  Your Works have well spoken for you and are yet speaking through the lives you've touched while serving the Mission field!   

    God's Blessings be upon you in every way!

    Elder Perry and Evangelist Angelene Hill

    Raleigh, NC 

    The Greater North Carolina Jurisdiction

    Bishop Leroy Jackson Woolard – Prelate

    Supervisor Harrizene Keyes – Supervisor of Women 


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