Black Lives Matter Litanies

Dear Co Laborers:

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. has united the Church Of God In Christ with denominations and independent churches across the nation to speak with one unified voice on Sunday, December 14, 2014 by declaring it as “Black Lives Matter” Sunday.

On Sunday, as we unite in worship, we will bring to the sacred space called sanctuary the essence of what we are in light of the extra judicial killings of African American men and boys across the nation and the failure of the criminal justice system to hold the police that are killing them accountable. We bring: the angry, the hopeful, the hurts, the pains, the challenges, the suspicions and much more into the house of worship and submit everything to the Almighty, who knows and understands all.

As we worship, we will focus beyond ourselves to acknowledge and submit to God’s reign and rule in our lives. We will be challenged to look at our nation and ourselves and ponder what lessons may be gleaned from the current state of affairs. Yet, through our worship, we will be strengthened and encouraged to effectively live according to God’s Word and to faithfully walk along the Christian journey.

As we prepare to speak with one voice that “Black Lives Matter,” I share with you several litanies that may assist in our prayerful responses we will share with God’s people – Advent Litany (Black Lives Matter), Hands Up Litany, Black Lives Matter Litany. I urge you to use one of these resources during your worship this Sunday as it will enhance our collective response to the critical juncture we now find our nation in.

Notwithstanding the current crisis, we are always mindful that no moment in the history of man is beyond the authority of God. Therefore, we bring ourselves before the Throne of Grace in worship, proclaiming the Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to redeem us back to the Father, who affirms that all lives, and yes, Black lives matter.

Because of Calvary

Bishop Talbert W. Swan, II, M.Div.
Assistant General Secretary/Administration
Advisor of Social Justice/Public Policy
Associate White House Liaison
Church Of God In Christ, Inc. 

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