IYD Vice President Derrick Hutchins, II

Regional President

Evangelist Anntwanique Edwards

Regional Chairlady

The Southeast Region began under IYD President J. Drew Sheard’s Administration. Our 1st Regional Director was President Keith A. Kershaw, of the South Carolina Jurisdiction serving from 1996-1999 and our 1st Regional Chairlady was Mother Rosanna McCullough, of Soutwestern Florida Jurisdiction serving from 1996 – 2004. In 2000, IYD VP Derrick Hutchins was selected and appointed as Regional President and has been serving faithfully for the past 18 years! Other Regional Chairladies that have served have been Lady Sheila Mosley, Evangelist Sellers, and IYD Asst. Chairlady Dr. Lawanne’ Grant. In January of 2018, Dr. Grant resigned and Currently the Regional Chairlady position is vacant and under the supervision of International Chairlady, Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers. Currently the region consists of the Jurisdictions in the States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Florida. The State Coordinators are Elder Ryan Keyes (Carolinas) Elder Andre Castro (Georgia) and Elder Gary Hall (Florida). Elder Keyes also serves as Regional Administrator and Elder Castro serves as Coordinator of the Annual Regional Youth Conference. The Southeast Region bands together to ignite a flame of passion for intense training, development and spiritual empowerment for children, teens, college students, young adults, youth leaders and the young at heart.