The Presiding Bishop and General Board, Presidium are currently taking necessary steps to evaluate every area of our church to ensure our long-term solvency and viability. COVID-19 has required significant modifications to our national budget. Several other matters are placing demands on our financial resources; therefore, it becomes necessary to seek relief from members of our global church.

“I Love My Church Transitional Engagement”, answers the question, “How to abate our current indebtedness”. This Engagement will provide restricted funding for Missions and Education, Audio/Visual equipment and internet infrastructure at our Historic Mason Temple, satisfy a short-term interest only note on the Lela Mason building located on the headquarters campus, liquidate the emergency line of credit which provides pandemic relief, fund renovations for Saints Academy in Lexington, Mississippi and our newly acquired Monastery in Memphis, TN.

Finally, this engagement will provide start-up capital to fund the Presiding Bishop’s “New Beginnings Initiatives.” Based on these realities, our Presiding Bishop and Leadership are moving our denomination forward with the “I Love My Church Transitional Engagement.” Please note that this campaign is a volunteer expression of love and good will to our great church.

The Approach

The Church of God in Christ typically focuses on our ecclesiastical hierarchy for financial support. However, this approach encourages support from all levels of our church. The “I Love My Church Transitional Engagement partnership includes the Presiding Bishop and General Board Presidium, the Board of Bishops, Supervisors, National Leaders, Administrative Assistants, Superintendents, District Missionaries, Pastors, Church Mothers, Ordained Elders, Licensed Missionaries, Licensed Ministers, Deacons, and local church members. This partnership ensures optimum success as God grants favor to us. The Board of Bishops, National Auxiliary and Ministry Leaders, Regional Directors, and others will assist the Presidium with the “I Love My Church Transitional Engagement through: awareness education, personal engagement encouragement, and financial efficiency.

Special Recognition & Incentives

Supporters of this engagement will be encouraged to give on several levels. Each supporter will be acknowledged by his/her designated gift and be qualified to receive Special Recognition and Incentives. Please see financial support levels below and correlating Recognition and Incentives to determine your level of support. It is important to note that Jurisdictions, National Auxiliaries, Ministries, and Initiatives that provide outstanding support to this engagement will also be recognized by the Presiding Bishop, Presidium, and the National Church.