Executive Board

The Executive Board consisting of thirteen members including the executive committee, review major concerns and business affairs of the Board of Bishops. This board is comprised of selected and appointed officers by the Chairman.

Bishop Albert Galbraith

Bishop Roger Lee Jones
Vice Chairman

Bishop William Henry Watson
Second Vice-Chairman

Bishop Adrian Dumarr Williams

Bishop Christopher E. Milton

Bishop Nathiel D. D. Wells
Financial Secretary

Bishop Bobby Warren
Sergeant at Arms

Bishop William T Cahoon
Board Member

Bishop David Screvens
Board Member

Bishop Felton Smith
Board Member

Bishop Earnest Morris
Board Member

Bishop Ocie Booker
Board Member

Advisory Board

Bishop Tyrone Butler
Brooklyn, New York

Bishop Roy Dixon
San Diego, California

Bishop James Wright
Rochester, New York

Bishop Willie Green
 Northwest Florida

Bishop Don Nobles
 Texas Lone Star

Bishop Mark Gilkey
Kansas Southwest

Bishop Frank Anderson
Arkansas Second

Bishop Embra Patterson
Illinois Southern

Bishop Alphonso Denson
Louisiana Eastern First

Bishop Joseph Norfleet

Action Officers for the Office of the Secretary.

Bishop Tyrone McCombs
Executive Assistant

Bishop Tyrone Butler
Social Media

Bishop Anthony Gilyard
Benevolence / Resolutions

Bishop A. LaDell Thomas Jr.,
Constitutional Advisor

Bishop Philip Green
Chamber Preparation/Set-Up

Regional Coordinators

Western United States

  • Bishop Albert Galbraith  – Coordinator
  • Bishop J. Bernard Hackworth  – Coordinator
  • Bishop Chris Milton – Assistant

North Western United States

  • Bishop Leo Brown – Coordinator
  • Bishop Milton Gannison – Assistant

Southern One United States

  • Bishop Prince Bryant – Coordinator
  • Bishop James Hornsby – Assistant

Southern Two United States

  • Bishop Howard Quillen – Coordinator
  • Bishop Frank Anderson – Assistant

Southern Three United States

  • Bishop Bill Wright  – Coordinator
  • Bishop Peter Wren  – Assistant
  • Bishop Jerry Taylor – Assistant

North East One United States

  • Bishop Harrison Hale – Coordinator
  • Bishop James H Gaylord – Assistant

North East Two United States

  • Bishop Harvey Lewis – Coordinator


  • Bishop Bobby Henderson – Coordinator
  • Bishop Irvin Sims – Assistant

East Coast Islands

  • Bishop Paul Fortson  – Coordinator


  • Bishop Alvin Blake – Coordinator

South America

  • Bishop Harrison Hale – Coordinator

South America - East

  • Bishop Benjamin Ravenel – Coordinator
  • Bishop Earnest Morris – Assistant

South America Southeast One

  • Bishop Mark Walden  – Coordinator
  • Bishop Ben Collins – Assistant

New England

  • Bishop Charles Brewer – Coordinator
  • Bishop Samuel Hogan – Assistant

New England - Midwest One

  • Bishop Roger Jones – Coordinator
  • Bishop Edward Cook – Assistant

New England - Midwest Two

  • Bishop Edward Goodwin – Coordinator
  • Bishop Ocie Booker – Assistant


  • Bishop John Mark Johnson – Coordinator
  • Bishop Mark Gilkey – Assistant


  • Bishop Albert Quick – Coordinator


  • Bishop Hubert Griffith – Coordinator

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