Our Committees

Our standing committees are established on a permanent basis. These committees analyze issues within their areas of jurisdiction and make recommendations to the board. To view committee members click on the committee name below.

Internal Audit Committee

Provides oversight of the financial reporting process, the audit process, the system of internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations.

  • Bishop Christopher Milton
  • Bishop Willie Cage
  • Bishop Jewel Withers

Bishop Christopher Milton ~ Chairman

Bereavement Committee

The Bereavement Committee offers consultation, support and guidance to families who are suffering  with the loss of a loved one.

  • Bishop Edgar Scott – Chairman

Budget Committee

Creates and maintains fiscal responsibility for the Board of Bishops and typically reviews and approves committee budgets.

  • Bishop Ocie Booker
  • Bishop William Cahoon
  • Bishop Dwight Green
  • Bishop Robert Sanders

Bishop Ocie Booker – Chairman

Credential Committee

Reviews and evaluates the qualifications of each applicant for initial appointment, reappointment or modification of appointment.

  • Bishop Ben Collins
  • Bishop Paul Harmon
  • Bishop Nathaniel Wells

Bishop Ben Collins~ Chairman

Chaplain Committee

Provide spiritual care to all members they address the broad range of emotional and spiritual needs of board members and their families.

  • Bishop Harvey Lewis
  • Bishop Robert Smith
  • Bishop Phillip Porter

Bishop Harvey Lewis~ Chairman

Doctrinal Committee

Evaluates complex questions, problems, and programs to determine and define the doctrinal value. They are also entrusted with instruction the Church of God in Christ doctrine among the Board.

  • Bishop Earnest Morris
  • Bishop Wesley Hardy
  • Bishop Frank Anderson

Bishop Earnest Morris ~ Chairman

Ethics Committee

Oversee compliance with the rules of conduct, standards and policies that guide the Board of Bishops.

  • Bishop Tyrone McComb
  • Bishop TT Scott
  • Bishop David Houston

Bishop Tyrone McComb ~ Chairman

Episcopal Adjutants Committee

Provides protocol and order for the Board of Bishops

  • Bishop Felton Smith
  • Bishop Augustus Pullen
  • Bishop CH McCelland

Bishop Felton Smith ~ Chairman

Education Committee

 Oversees all matters relating to the educational program of the Board of Bishops and to work with the committees to insure the education program remains consistent.

  • Bishop Adrian Williams
  • Bishop Gary Hall
  • Bishop Jerry Maynard
  • Bishop Malcom Coby
  • Bishop Frank Douglas
  • Bishop Tyrone McCombs

Bishop Adrian Williams ~ Chairman

Finance Committee

Provides financial oversight for the Board of Bishops, and committees which include budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

  • Bishop Cody Marshall
  • Bishop Dwight Green
  • Bishop Christopher Milton

Bishop Cody Marshall ~ Chairman

Judicial Committee

Evaluates candidates for election, reelection, appointment, reappointment, designation and certification to the Bishopric.

  • Bishop Milton R. Hawkins – Vice Chairman
  • Bishop James Austin – Secretary
  • Bishop Clowdell Williams
  • Bishop Willie A. Jenkins
  • Bishop Elijah Hankerson
  • Bishop Leon Smith
  • Bishop Percy W. Henderson, II
  • Bishop Shelton C. Rhodes
  • Bishop Don Shelby
  • Bishop Alfonso Denson

Alternate Members

  • Bishop B. A. Sanders
  • Bishop Otis McCormick
  • Bishop Clarence Lewis

Bishop G. Wesley Hardy ~ Chairman

Grievance Committee

Evaluates ethical and arbitration complaints presented to the committees and determine whether the complaint warrants a hearing by the Executive board.

  • Bishop Roy Dixon
  • Bishop Harvey Lewis
  • Bishop Earnest Morris
  • Bishop Mark Waldon
  • Bishop Roger Jones

Bishop Roy Dixon ~ Chairman

Historical Committee

  • Bishop David Daniels – Chairman

Parliamentary Committee

Formally draw together people of relevant expertise from different parts of the board who otherwise would not have a good way to share information and coordinate actions.

  • Bishop Ahmed D Scrivens
  • Bishop Melvin Smith
  • Bishop Felton Smith

Resolution Committee

Provide an advisory and channeling functions for all resolutions presented for Board of Bishops consideration, reviewing all resolutions submitted to the Board pursuant to the criteria established by the Board of Bishops.

  • Bishop Juan O Lawson
  • Bishop Willie C Green
  • Bishop WIlliie Matheney
  • Bishop David M. Screven

Bishop Juan O Lawson ~ Chairman

Political Action Committee

Purpose of raising and spending money for elections.

  • Bishop Patrick Wooten
  • Bishop Bill Wright
  • Bishop  David Herron

Bishop Patrick Wooten ~ Chairman

Writers Committee

  • Bishop James Austin
  • Bishop James Wright
  • Bishop Edward Cook

Bishop James Austin ~ Chairman

Insurance Committee

Investigates and makes recommendations to the Executive Board, and committees regarding comprehensive cost.

  • Bishop Adrian Williams ~ Chairman

BOB Conference Committee

 Responsible for selecting the conference location. Appoints the chairs of the other committees, who make up the conference committee.

  • Bishop Galbraith ~ Chairman

Job Descriptions Committee

Investigates and makes recommendations to the Executive Board, and committees regarding comprehensive cost.

  • Bishop Malcom Coby
  • Bishop Dickerson Wells

Bishop Malcom Coby ~ Chairman

Legal Advisory Committee

Investigates and makes recommendations to the Executive Board, and committees regarding comprehensive cost.

  • Bishop Ahmed Scrivens
  • Bishop Timothy Smith
  • Bishop Melvin Smith

Bishop Ahmed Scrivens ~ Chairman