Our handwritten letters occasionally end them with the phrase, “Sincerely yours.”  Have you ever wondered why?  This practice has its origins in ancient Rome.  Using melted beeswax, Roman sculptors frequently concealed cracks in what only appeared to be ‘flawless’ marble statues.  However, when the wax dried and crumbled, angry purchasers returned to seek compensation.  Resultantly, more reputable sculptors would guarantee their work as “sine sera,” which means “without wax.”  The salutatory phrase, “Sincerely yours,” derives directly from this.

Regarding our lives and times, we Christians are required to be models of sincerity, and thus our words must embody truth and integrity.  We are reminded often that sincerity is a mission-critical character trait of The Father’s children.

And contrary to what is now prevalent in political discourse, our words need never be boisterous, blustery, or boastful. Indeed, in most circumstances, less is more.  True strength manifests itself discreetly, saturated in humility and love.

Although we are accustomed to thinking of strength as the opposite of gentleness, such is not always the case.  During World War I, British fighter pilots made the amazing discovery that layers of soft silk could provide protection against low velocity shrapnel – far more effectively than tempered steel.  With this new knowledge, they started wrapping silk around their heads, inside their helmets, as a protective shield.  Scientists still aren’t sure what gives silk such strength.  But in certain situations, soft and tender silk does prove (ironically) to be much stronger than metal.

JESUS CHRIST reveals a similar truth regarding our spiritual character.  While some brandish tough, firm and impenetrable exteriors, our Savior requires something radically different.  That is, ‘when we are weak…HE is strong.’  Ultimately, our meekness and gentleness become irresistible currents of love that can transport lost souls to the cross of Calvary where they become gracious recipients of divine love.  My friend, how sincere, soft, yet strong, are you?

Saints of God…I See You in Your Future…and You Look Much Better…

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