COGIC IMPACTS is a culture model that will help us build a stronger culture and define our core values.

Integrity – Being honest and having strong moral uprightness.

Measureable Results – Establishing SMART goals that highlight our success.

Passionate – Having a self-driven attitude about our work that leads to success.

Adaptable – Exhibiting the ability to adjust to new conditions.

Collaborative – Working together to create something or produce solutions.

Timely Manner – Doing task at a favorable or useful time; expedient.

Service Oriented – Providing outstanding service & support to COGIC, both internally and externally.

COGIC IMPACTS is what we do that reflects who we are:

We work with Integrity          

We show Measureable Results

We are Passionate

We are Adaptable

We are Collaborative

We work in a Timely Manner

We are Service Oriented