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Grand Re-Opening of the Saints Academy Campus

By Bishop Vincent Mathews

The Vision

Our Presiding Bishop, Charles E. Blake, Sr. has a huge global vision to reach the world for Christ.  MLK Celebration, he articulated his Pan-African vision, stating, “African Americans must be to Africa what the Jews are to Israel.”  Our Presiding Bishop’s vision for COGIC to impact the USA and the entire world is exciting!  The World Missions Department seeks to make this dream, etched in the Great Commission (Mark 16:15-18), a reality.  However, there are huge threats against this biblical vision.

The Challenge

Today, all five living generations are under a deluge of attacks against our faith in Christ.  This is most apparent in the lives of our children.  Indeed, we are living in tumultuous times.  Things that were unheard of just 5-10 years ago are discussed and performed openly in the public square!  Anti-Christ teachings permeate our schools, deviant sexual behavior is being pushed on all of society, genocide through abortion kills over 3,000 babies daily, and biblical families are becoming extinct.   Meanwhile, churches from all denominations and races across America are dwindling and suicide is on the rise.

A Real Solution

To send soldiers into the entire world, they must be trained and brought up.  It is for this reason that we have reopened the Saints Academy Campus as a World Missions Training Center, seeking to raise up missionaries to dispatch to schools, neighborhoods and the world!

On May 24, 2018, Presiding Bishop Charles Blake, Sr. chaired the grand re-opening of the Saints Academy Campus.  The campus is now open and training saints who will impact the world.  Over $500,000 in renovations have been completed on the campus and it is now a state-of-the-art facility where saints of all ages are welcome to come and learn, grow and ultimately deploy!

There have been prayer retreats and training sessions for the World Missions Department, but this was the official opening to COGIC and the entire community.

This summer, the COGIC World Missions Department is hosting the Saints Adventure Camp, in a partnership with the Tuskegee Airmen, where youth will learn about aviation and fly in an airplane with a Tuskegee Airman.  There is also a video arcade, sports, food and fun.  Additionally, our children will learn apologetics, Christian world view, and sexual purity.  Children will also lead community outreach during each cycle of the camp.  The goal is to prepare an army to, literally, reach and impact the world.

To fulfill our biblical mandate and our Presiding Bishop’s vision, it is necessary to impart godly living, critical thinking, and courageous living.  For more information, please visit

For the cost of a pair of sneakers and a sports jersey, adults can invest in the future lives of young people, but also in the furtherance of the Gospel!  As the Church Of God In Christ continues to transform communities, we have dedicated training grounds from which our future world leaders can be confidently deployed.

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