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Church Of God In Christ (COGIC)
Holy Convocation To Return To Memphis, Tennessee In 2021

(November 12, 2018) St. Louis, Missouri) Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., the General Board and the General Assembly, the legislative body of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) have all voted to return the Holy Convocation to the City of Memphis, Tennessee in 2021. The convention has been held for the last nine years in St. Louis, Missouri. The Holy Convocation will be held in Memphis through 2023.

Presiding Bishop Blake, says “the Church of God in Christ since 2010 has held our largest convention, the Holy Convocation in St. Louis, MO and today we voted to move the convention in 2021-2023 to the city of Memphis, TN.  Bishop Blake also states, “The City of Memphis has special significance in the spiritual and cultural life of COGIC and we are pleased to return to the place of our origin.”

The Holy Convocation will be held in St. Louis through 2020.

The Church of God in Christ is one of the oldest Pentecostal denominations in the World and the 4th largest Protestant group in the United States with churches in 100 countries worldwide and a membership of nearly 6.5 million adherents.

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