This Sunday starts Pilgrimage to Pentecost which is an initiative of our Presiding Bishop that sets aside time for members of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. (COGIC) to come together in a time of consecration. This year Pilgrimage to Pentecost starts April 20, 2014 and will continue through June 8, 2014. Please take time to be part of this awesome time and spread the news to all of the local churches.

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Click here to download 3 fold brochure (Print on 8.5" x 14" – Legal size paper)


Be sure to purchase your copy of the Pilgrimage to Pentecost Daily Devotional for the COGIC Publishing House – you will be amazed at how these daily devotionals will enhance your own walk as we approach Pentecost.



  1. Thank you Bishop Blake for your leadership to the Church of God in Christ, and for this Pilgrimage to Pentecost we caint aford to forget in a time such as this from whence we came.

  2. This will be my very first time going through this consecration. I ask that you pray for my strength so that I may go through and be refilled again. Amen!

  3. Thank you Bishop Blake this is a subject that is well needed in all the churches today.  You are making your voice heard in the wilderness. again thank you  !Well done COGIC!

  4. God Bless you Bishop Blake. Thank God for the Vision and Exposure that you allow God’s people to obtain. Corporately we can change the world. This is ministry in Excellence and allowing us to be one for such a time as this. The professional level is #1 and what we make happen in the Kingdom God will make it happen for us. I’m excited as well as humbled to take part.

  5. Its a season not just the cross, 7 sabbaths between the resurrection and Pentecost, I think calling us to aligning  ourselves with the timing of God can make us more effective. I think we need to treat it like the Christmas season, its not a one day celebration its a season, 

  6. Bishop Blake the blessings of God is upon you, its our prayers that God will continue to lead and guide you as you lead and guide the people of God (COGIC) and through out the entire world.  We thank God for this Pigrimage to Pentecost we are praying for the entire COGIC churches that we all will do our part during this time.  We are thakful to God that we are a part of COGIC and a part of this great Pilgrimage.  God Bless you and yours always..

  7. Thank God and thank you, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. – God's chosen, anointed, and appointed overseer of His (COGIC) flock (with many members) purchased by the blood of Jesus – to feed and lead, protect and correct in this time and season.


  8. Praise the Lord everybody. We have been on fire in the last 50 days. Our weekly and weekend corporate prayer has gone to a new dimension. We truly believe it is due to all of COGIC being on one accord praying the same things and being like minded. There is power in agreement and we have experienced that. I love it and desire to see more of it. This reminds me of everyone bombarding heaven at one time and feeling the power of it’s effect.

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