Usher Board


The usher board consist of women or men who have so organized and dictated themselves as an usher unit. This is one of the major units of our women’s work, for and usher plays the role of a silent evangelist. She or He gives and attendance of the service the first impression of the service. No matter how well the choir sings, or how inspiring the message, if an attendant has been insulted by an usher, it unfits him for the worship service.
The responsibility of the usher board is unique within itself. The major concern is to meet the people at the door with a smile and reassure them that they are in the Lord’s house. See that they are properly seated and if a program or bulletin is prepared, make sure that they have one. The beauty of the Lord’s house is its order and much of this will depend upon an efficient usher board. This unit operates a local, district, state and national level and should be on hand at all services, meetings and conventions.
The organization of the usher board should be regardless of the level: president, vice president, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, and chaplain. Other officers may be added as deemed necessary by the presiding officer.
Great accomplishments have been made through the usher board, and to this funds are essential. The following are some fundraising suggestions:

a. Tea
b. Banquets
c. Anniversaries
d. Rummage sales
e. Dinners
f. Socials
g. Usher training classes (non-fund raising)

Women’s Handbook – Revised Edition 1989


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