INU Report Policy

Church of God in Christ, Inc.
International Nurses’ Unit

***All injuries, severe illness or emergencies***

The Security Ministry

1. The Security Ministry provides the strongest measure of protection, safety and order that secures the saints from offensive situations. Therefore, unit members are not to assume the role of Security. Unit members may freely call upon Security to accompany them to potentially dangerous or unsafe situations that may compromise delivery of the services of the unit. The Security Ministry must be notified immediately of any injury, accident or emergency situations. This ministry will contact the EMS for hospital transport of the client.

General Incident Report: (Must be utilized for all injuries, accidents or emergency health related church events)

Church related/Emergency incidents: a severe illness or accidents that occur during convocations, conventions or church related events.

Purpose: To provide consistent guidelines and written documentation of prompt quality first aid and emergency care to saints with physical injuries and illnesses that occur during church related events

Objective: To expedite first aid and prompt quality emergency care as necessary.


1. The Security Ministry must be notified of any severe illness requiring transfer to EMS or the hospital. They also must be notified of any and all accidents. An incident report will be completed for any illness or injury that occurs during convocations, conventions or events The Nurse will assess any individual who is injured or who has an illness episode during the service. If a Nurse is not available during the incident, the nurses should be made aware of the incident as soon as possible. The nurse will be responsible for completing the report and following up on the injured saint to insure appropriate care and treatment.

2. When a Nurse receives the injured or ill individual, a full assessment will be made and recorded on the Incident Report Form or Intervention Form (for non-life threatening minor ailments). The assessment will include the initial assessment of the injury, vital signs when possible, The Security Ministry must be notified immediately of all injured and severely ill individual who requires an incident report or transport to EMS/hospital. If necessary, emergency transport will be contacted by Security to transfer the individual to the local hospital.

Incident Report Policy and Procedure page 2

3. The original completed report will be maintained by the International Nurses’ Unit. A copy will be given to the Security Ministry. During other meetings, the leader in charge should receive a copy of the report.

4. The Intervention Form, Incident Report and all other Nurses Unit forms are on a CD included with the INU Policy and Procedure manual and can be copied for use.

This Report Includes, But Are Not Limited To:

a. incidents of violence to or by a saint or unit member.
b. criminal behavior by or perpetrated on a saint or unit member.
c. immoral or illegal behavior by or upon a saint or unit member.
d. belligerent actions of family members, bystanders or others that interfere with or interrupt life-saving measures in the normal course of duty.
e. other incidents not cited here, but which a unit members or Security deems significant and relevant enough be considered a reportable offence.
f. medical interventions.

Documenting on the report:

â–ºNotify the Security Ministry immediately!

â–ºPlease Print and completely fill out the report.

â–ºAsk client or witness to the incident the necessary questions to complete the report.

►If the client refuses to be assessed or after assessment refuses referral to hospital or local EMS, check yes and attempt to secure client’s signature. If client refuses to sign, please document, client’s refusal.

â–ºPlease document the disposition and time of release of the client (i.e., returned to service, transported home or to hospital).

â–ºPlease print name and document signature and title of unit member assessing client and , completing report and/or follow-up.

â–ºPlease document who notified security, the time notified and the name of the security member notified.

â–ºThe report must be completed expeditiously, original copy remains with the unit and a copy must be given to security by the end of the shift.

â–ºThe Health Ministry Follow-up Committee members or the Nurses Unit Coordinator(s) will completed a follow-up health report on the client. This may be completed before or after the church event. The date, time, follow-up report and the name of the member completing the follow-up must be document. A copy of the follow-up report will be given to security.

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