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There is always a need for the services of the Nurses Unit. They should be available to serve at meetings, on trips, in the home funerals, or whatever and whenever there is a need for their services. It is recommended that a trained nurse, R.N. or L.P.N. licensed to give medicine, head this unit. Other volunteer workers should take a first aid course which is offered free by the Red Cross:

Other items should be added to the kit according to the place of service and need of the group being attended.
Every local church, district, state and national meeting should have a Nurses Unit.


2017 Officers:

Advisory Board

Nurses Unit Advisor | Evangelist Anita Farrish RN, BSN, MHSH

Medical Advisor | Dr. J. Michael Porter

Executive Board

President | Evangelist Sharon Woodfox-Ryan RN, BSN, FCN

First Vice President | Evangelist Vannessa Johnson RN, BSN

Second Vice President | Evangelist Verdell Marsh RN, MSN, PH.D

Third Vice President | Evangelist Rosa Robinson RN, BSN

Nurses Unit Coordinator | Sister Barbara Webster RN, BS

Assistant Nurses Coordinator | Mother Mattie Kimble RN, BSN

Assistant Nurses Coordinator | Aspiring Missionary Arnetha Garth RN, BSN

Treasurer | Sister Maxine Ingram CLT

Recording Secretary | Evangelist Cassandra Adger RN, BSN

Financial Secretary | Evangelist Vanessa Hurdle RN, ADN

Corresponding Secretary | Sister Sylvia Potier RN, BSN

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