1. I am requesting prayer for me and my family: my adult children, and my grandchildren.  Both of my adult children are struggling to achieve their education.  It's ironic that you can't tell them they need an education while they are young, energetic, and have their health and strength.  Both are in their 30's and have just come into the knowlege that they need as much education as they can get… but both of them also need Jesus in their life in a very real way.  They have endured all kinds of earthly hardships, and I hate seeing them struggle.  I also hate they have waited until I entered my senior years…. poor health… limited resources and can't help them the way I could if they had gone ahead and done this earlier in their lives.  I am requesting prayer for their success in their educational endeavors;  I am requesting prayer for expediency in their achieving their goals because they have wasted a lot of time and now find themselves anxious to complete their education process because of their late start;   I a requesting relief from financial burdens and worries and that the way will be — not necessarily easy — but they will encounter as few obstacles as possible in their effort to complete their goals;  I am also praying for good health and strength and long life, and prosperity so that I can serve as a strong support system for them (as I have been since their father passed away in 1993) and be a blessing to both of them as well as my two grandchildren.. 

  2. I am asking for prayer for my family. Especially for my marriage. I am asking God to Deliver my husband from selling and using illegal and perscription drugs. That God will deliver him from strong holds and and persons that mean him no good. That God will restore his salvation and let him fully trust and rely on him for all our needs. I am praying that God heal, restore, stregthen and bless our marriage. Help us to love God and one another unconditionally. Let all talk of divorce be destroyed and all people and things that wish to destroy our marriage be cast down. I am praying for peace in my home. That no drugs, drug users, or drug dealer will be in our home. That my children will be restored and follow Christ. I am asking for forgivness that they have witnessed the things theyhave seen and pray that it brings them closer to Christ. I pray for strength and joy to endure these hard times and to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit to guide me. I pray for forgiveness for being angry and bitter towards my husband for placing our family in bad situations and for putting other people, drugs and money before us. In Jesus name amen

  3. I’m asking for prayer on my job. They have increased my workload. They expect me to cook and get breakfast out within an hour, do the prep for the next day and slice meat for the deli and snack bar (I work for a dorm at a major university). I punch in @ 6am and leave @ 2:30pm. Breakfast goes from 7:00 – 10:30am. I do have 1 employee and a student to help get stuff out to serve but I do all prep my self. Which includes, omelet bar stuff, actually food for nxt day, and waffle mix if needed. Then, when in the area where I slice meat I have to be subject to 3 – 4 radios playing rap music and country. I’m asking that pray for my load to be decreased and can stay in my area where I can listen to my gospel music. Thank You.

    • i want to start a center fos kids teens called anonymous to talk to young teens and kids and help them as well as motivate them i want it to be a plce where they can get help with homework and also have fun something like a recreation and teach them the importance of giving back to thier community i just ask that you all pray for me to get some kind of finacial help to get it started

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