ElecProDVDNEW TRAINING DVD:  Chairman Michael Eaddy and the General Council of Pastors and Elders now has a DVD available for Election Protocol for Jurisidictional Pastors and Elders Councils – $24.99.

These informative DVD’s will be available at the GCPE Booth during the 107th Holy Convocation in St. Louis, MO. Get your soon! There is a limited supply!


  1. Chairman Eaddy, I recently attended the Pastor;s and Elder's Council in St. Louis and brought back encouragement to our Jurisdiction (Texas N.E. III).  I was asked by our newly appoint Bishop Nelson Gatlin to head up the Pastor's and Elders Council.  I was under the impression that this is an elected position and did not want to do anything out of order.  Can the Bishop appoint or what is the procedure?  We currently have no Pastor's and Elder's Council and have not been given directions in the 25 years that I have been a part of the Jurisdiction.  I'm interested in adhering to the appointment of the Bishop but not sure what direction to take from here.  Your imput would be apprciated in this matter.

    Pastor Paul Jackson

    • I will be meeting in a Jurisdictional setting Friday December 05, 2015 and it would be great to have some type of feedback to share.


      Pastor Paul Jackson

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