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Prince Earl William Bryant II. Born December 21, 1974 to Bishop Prince Bryant [Texas South Central Jurisdiction] and Saint Bobbie Jean Cawthon. The oldest child of 5 children, Superintendent Bryant's childhood was filled with laughter and joy.


He is a fourth Generation Church of God in Christ product and The nephew of Bishop C. L. Bryant [Texas South East Third Jurisdiction] and the grandson of Bishop A. L. Cawthon [Panama Jurisdiction, appointed by Bishop C. H. Mason]. With his deep roots within the Church of God in Christ, Inc. It was inevitable that he would give his life to the Lord. On February 11, 1991 as a junior in High School he surrendered his life to the power of God and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost three days later. The Call to ministry was answered and manifested on December 8, 1991. , He was licensed as a minister in 1992 and Ordained as an Elder in the Church of God in Christ in 1994.


Superintendent Bryant founded his first church while completing a tour of duty in the United States Navy, The All Nations Church of God in Christ Yokuska, Honshu Japan [3/17/96]. He currently serves as the Pastor of The Toliver Memorial Church of God in Christ, Inc.. This church stands at the precipice of ecclesiastical and ecumenical fronts ministering to the greater Willis and Conroe communities. Appointed District Superintendent of the Livingston District in 2002 under Bishop C. L. Bryant and Elected Secretary, General Council of Pastors and Elders in November 2012. Superintendent Bryant II has ministered in over 30 states and 20 countries for over 21 years. His investment into God's church on a corporate level has birthed an excellent appreciation of the complexities that face our church in this 21st century.


Superintendent Bryant's educational development began in the Galena Park Independent School District Houston, TX graduating from North Shore Senior High School in 1993. He then attended the University of Texas at Austin, The College of Biblical Studies and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Divinity at The Dallas Theological Seminary. His hobbies include; being an avid reader, chess player and touts himself a prime athlete.


He is married to the Beautiful Candies Rose Bryant of Chicago, IL., and parent to five talented children Prince III, Paiton Annise, Pierce Edward Oneal, J. Paul Mitchell [Deceased] and J. Patrick Henry Bryant.


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  • Elder Morris D. Ford says:

    Hello Superintendent Bryant I am trying to get a copy of my Elder's License the only copy i had was my original which was taken from me with my things lost through some hardship I went through for awhile. I was ordained in Bakersfield, California in January of 1994 by Bishop W. S. Wilson who formerly was the treasury for the Board of Bishops before he passed away. My pastor in Fresno, California passed away more than a decade ago I am currently residing in Dallas, Texas and I am trying to find out who do I contact to get a copy of my ordination License? The Jurisdiction in Fresno has under gone some changes and my attempts to contact someone there has gone unreplied can you please help me I need my credentials I did not lose them through any discipline action by the church but suffered a car repossion and all my important documents were in it when it was taken, can you please help me? GOD BLESS YOU! and THANK YOU! you can see my e-mail address.