Franklyn E. Knight – Solomon L. Williams Institute

Class Descriptions



This year’s theme is “Mightily Pulling Down Strongholds in Cities Globally”.


Each afternoon session will involve around that theme, with a variety of workshop offerings.  The morning sessions will be the class offerings of our National Church.  Urban Initiative, Church Growth, Evangelism.  However, the afternoon sessions and the plenaries will be focused on the theme of our conference.


Here are the descriptions of the workshops:


Millennial Track:  There is so much attention being given to our millennial and rightly so.  They are the church of today and tomorrow and their perspectives and practices will greatly impact churches.  When you think of the percentage of millennial’s that are attending our churches, we know that there is much for us to learn.  Its not a different message, but its certainly different methodology.  Pastor Ephraim Eaddy, Elder Prince Reed


Soul Winning:  Winning souls is certainly important, but there are encumbrances that hinder the good news message. There must be a saturation of prayer in preparation for the gospel to be received.  There must be programs for retention in place for those having received the message, to now grow.  Learn the intentionality necessary to incur and sustain growth.  Bishop Bob Jackson


Effective Education:  Every church needs some type of educational program or process that goes beyond the regular Sunday School and weekly bible study.  Come learn how to create an educational system in your church that will compliment current programs in place and prepare your ministerial team to move to the next level.  Dr. Kenneth Hammonds


Pulling Down Strongholds:  Ed Silvoso is a leading author and lecturer on attacking areas that previously were unproductive as a community and not yielding the kind of successes spiritually.  There is a theology behind spiritually transformative leadership. Author and pastor Silvoso has experienced unusual success in impacting congregation, communities and cities, globally for the Kingdom of God.  Pastor’s must no longer have a myopic view of their ministries, but must grasp the larger picture. 

The Kingdom has a global perspective and so must the pastor. 

Author Ed Silvoso 


Ministry via Social Media:  A workshop design to help churches engage effectively through technology and the internet.  Doing ministry in excellence with a technologically astute audience.  Brother Will Lucas