Defamation Lawsuit Filed

December 16, 2015

Allegations against Bishop Charles Blake Declared False by Prominent Pastors

(Los Angeles, CA) Bishop Charles E. Blake, the presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), the world’s fifth largest denomination, and pastor of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, filed a defamation lawsuit against Earl Carter, a minister within the Church of God In Christ.

As detailed in court documents filed on Friday, December 11, 2015, in Orlando, Florida, “Over the past several months, Mr. Carter has engaged, and is threatening to continue engaging, in outrageous and malicious attacks upon Bishop Blake that should be punished to the maximum extent under the law. Mr. Carter has viciously used the Internet to falsely profess to the world that, among other things, Bishop Blake is immoral, homosexual and a pedophile. Mr. Carter’s goals are to destroy Bishop Blake’s stellar reputation, interfere with his relationship with Church Of God In Christ, Inc. (“COGIC”), and drive visitors to Mr. Carter’s websites where he seeks to illegally profit off of Bishop Blake’s good name.”

Uleses Henderson, General Counsel for COGIC states, “Bishop Blake refrained for several weeks from taking action against Mr. Carter hoping that Mr. Carter would have a change of heart and would, on his own, retract his false and defamatory accusations and apologize to Bishop Blake for the harm he has caused to his family. Unfortunately, Mr. Carter has not done that and, instead, has escalated the nature of his false accusations, such that they are now extremely inflammatory and reckless. Accordingly, Bishop Blake is now compelled to file this lawsuit.”

The complaint continues, “Mr. Carter, who is a COGIC minister, delivered a sermon against homosexuality at the 2014 Holy Convocation, during which he made an inappropriate statement beneath the dignity of COGIC and its divine calling … As a result of Mr. Carter’s inappropriate statement, COGIC received a backlash of negative publicity, from within the church and from the outside media. In his role as Presiding Bishop, spokesman and leader of COGIC, Bishop Blake publicly apologized for Mr. Carter’s inappropriate statement, while reaffirming the Church’s teachings about homosexuality. Mr. Carter perceived Bishop Blake’s apology as throwing Mr. Carter “under the bus. Shortly after the apology, Mr. Carter embarked on a vicious campaign to attack Bishop Blake’s character, ruin his reputation and have him ousted from COGIC leadership.”

Henderson continues, “While COGIC believes that homosexuality is a sin, COGIC believes that the Bible commands us to speak the truth in love. Bishop Blake believed that, while Mr. Carter’s overall message was consistent with COGIC’s beliefs, the brash and graphic nature of some of Mr. Carter’s remarks were offensive to many and did not reflect the views of COGIC. As the leader of COGIC, Bishop Blake felt that he was obligated to protect the reputation and views of the Church.”

Well-respected ministers, who were mentioned in Carter’s videos have offered support for Blake. The complaint notes, “In the Flyer and YouTube videos, Mr. Carter has falsely attributed various untrue and defamatory statements about Bishop Blake to certain individuals who categorically deny that any of those allegations are true, while others have no first-hand knowledge of the untruths Mr. Carter asserts to be factual…”

Specifically, Bishop Patrick Wooden, a COGIC pastor for 34 years, declares in a written document that Blake, “is a devoted family man who has been married to his wife for decades. I have spent substantial time around Bishop Blake and his family. He is heterosexual. He has never said or done anything in my presence which in any way expressed or suggested – whether explicitly or implicitly – that he is gay or sexually attracted to men, or that he had engaged in any sexual conduct with another man. Mr. Carter’s accusation that Bishop Blake is a practicing homosexual is a particularly offensive and incendiary allegation…”

Wooden, who has known Blake for over 20 years, further declares: “There is not a shred of evidence to support Mr. Carter’s lie that Bishop Blake is a pedophile. In the time I spent with hm, Bishop Blake has never said or done anything inappropriate around children. Mr. Carter’s allegations that Bishop Blake is a pedophile and/or a child molester are outrageous and completely false. I would totally trust Bishop Blake around my own children and anyone else’s.”

Dr. David Wright, a medical doctor and pastor of the Community Church Of God in Christ, declared, in response to Earl Carter’s repeated defamatory allegation that a grandmother confided in him about alleged improper conduct with her grandson, “Specifically, I am not privy to any information that would support Mr. Carter’s charge that Bishop Blake is a pedophile or child molester. Bishop Blake has never, to my knowledge, engaged in any improper conduct with any minor, young adult, or anyone else. I am also not aware of any “grandmother” who claims that Bishop Blake molested her grandson.”

Many respected preachers have submitted letters of support for Blake. The letters are located on Bishop James L. Whitehead, Jr. and Bishop Roger L. Jones, who have known Blake for over 50 years, offered letters attesting to Blake’s integrity since the days of his youth. Whitehead wrote, ”During the 52 years I have known Bishop Blake, I have never, never, never, seen the slightest indication that he had any inclinations other than being 100% male.” Jones wrote, “During our many years in this church as young ministers, I cannot say that I have observed any inappropriate behavior … At all times I have found Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. to be above reproach; any suggestions, allegations or accusations otherwise, are despicable and ungodly!”

The declaration of Wooden further pronounces, “Bishop Blake is not a thief or embezzler; he has not misused or misappropriated Church funds. COGIC is run by a Board of Directors, and its accounts are independently audited. I am not aware of any credible allegations of financial impropriety on the part of Bishop Blake, and I have never witnessed any such conduct in the almost 20 years that I have known him.”

The lawsuit is an action for damages in excess of $75,000.00, as well as for injunctive relief, based on Mr. Carter’s blatantly false and outrageous public statements about Bishop Blake.

A Letter to the Members of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Members of the Church of God in Christ

October 22, 2015

Preaching against the Practice of Homosexuality is Nothing New

The Church of God in Christ since her founding has stood for and called for holiness and righteousness.  The practice of homosexuality is one of several activities of mankind that the Bible and our church deem to be sinful and immoral.  (I Corinthians 6:9-11). Throughout our history, our Presiding Bishop, Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. and those of us in ministry have rightfully been relentless in our stand against the practice of homosexuality and all other manifestations of sin.  That is a responsibility we have rightly fulfilled for over 100 years and that we will continue to fulfill with all diligence.

As we preach, we must be led by the Bible which teaches us that a loving and humble spirit should govern our words.

In Col 4:6, we are encouraged to, “Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.”  NKJV

The Apostle Paul, in Titus 2:6, admonishes us: “Likewise, exhort the young men to be sober-minded, in all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works; in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility, sound speech that cannot be condemned, that one who is an opponent may be ashamed, having nothing evil to say of you.”  NKJV

On November 8, 2014 at the Annual Holy Convocation of the Church of God In Christ, Elder Earl Carter spoke against the practice of homosexuality. With that, we have no problem.  However, in that message, Elder Carter made a statement which was inappropriate and beneath the dignity of our church and our divine calling.  Specifically addressing male homosexuals, he indicated his “wish” that they would experience monthly anal bleeding “like a girl.”  His words were crude, offensive and base.  It is with that specific statement alone that we take exception.  Sadly this statement has been heard by millions of people around the world.

As Saints, we must always serve God in ways that reflect His righteousness, dignity and unremitting love.

What Godly person would wish rectal bleeding on another human being?  Why would a man, called by God to introduce souls to the loving salvation of Jesus Christ, seemingly hate men to the degree that he would wish such a fate upon them?  And, why would any preacher speak from the pulpit about a female bodily function in a way that implies that women are somehow inferior?

Ultimately, Elder Carter’s inappropriate statement became the subject of a major negative, shameful news story captivating the talk show circuit and news media, projecting the church as a source of hate and anger.

Inappropriate Behavior Demands Correction

In his role as Presiding Bishop, spokesman and leader of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Blake publicly apologized for Elder Carter’s inappropriate statement while again reaffirming our stance against the practice of homosexuality.  In the same statement, he reaffirmed our stand for righteousness and holiness and our commitment to “speaking the truth in love.”

In Ephesians 4:15-16 the Apostle Paul wrote, But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.”  NKJV


The Appropriate Response to Correction

Correction should produce humility and repentance.  We believe Hebrews 13:17, “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.” NKJV

Elder Carter should have humbled himself and submitted to the correction of the Presiding Bishop and apologized for his poor choice of words.  That likely would have brought the matter to a close.

Instead Elder Carter Continues to Mount a Vicious and Personal Attack

He did not apologize but chose instead to launch a scandalous and deceitful attack against our leader, accusing him repeatedly of immoral behavior without the slightest substantiation.

Elder Carter’s actions are reckless, hurtful, inflammatory and intensely damaging to the reputation of the Church of God in Christ, the office and person of the Presiding Bishop and, his family.

We believe that attack against the Presiding Bishop is an attack against all leadership and the church herself.

Elder Carter’s behavior, in direct response to correction, is egregious and threatening to the very order and discipline of the Lord’s Church.

Rebellion Must Be Dealt With In a Timely and Appropriate Way

We cannot sit back and watch any ordained elder launch an unwarranted, baseless and demonic campaign against our church and our leader without responding aggressively.  The ramifications of inaction are commensurate with waving a white flag of surrender to the enemy of our souls.

We now stand in defense of our leader who appropriately and courageously stood in defense of the dignity and name of our God and our great church.

We, leaders of the church, protest and denounce both Elder Carter’s initial inappropriate statements and his subsequent attacks upon the Church and the Presiding Bishop.  We call upon Elder Carter to apologize for his unbecoming conduct, to retract his statements against Bishop Blake and finally, to cease from making future derogatory statements about this matter so that he may continue to enjoy the fellowship and support of our great church.

We remain hopeful that Elder Carter will comply but, if he does not, then we believe the fellowship and privileges of ministry in the Church of God in Christ should be withdrawn from him.

In affirmation of our support, we affix our names to this statement and direct that a copy should be conveyed to Elder Carter by registered mail immediately.

We hope that others will choose to join in with us in affixing their names at the soonest possible opportunity. (Submit your name below.  Names will be updated daily.)


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Bishop P. A. Brooks Bishop J. W. Macklin
Bishop Roy L. H. Winbush Bishop George D. McKinney
Bishop Frank O. White Bishop Brandon P. Porter
Bishop Ted Thomas Bishop L.M. Wooten
Bishop John H. Sheard Bishop Frank A. White
Bishop Edwin C. Bass Bishop Talbert W. Swan II
Bishop Darrell L. Hines Bishop William Wright
Bishop Ocie Booker Bishop Milton Hawkins
Bishop Dwight Walls, Sr. Bishop William T. Cahoon
Bishop Welton L. Lawrence Bishop Martin L. Johnson
Supt. Linwood Dillard Bishop Christopher E. Milton
Supt. Michael Eaddy Bishop Alphonso Denson
Bishop J. Delano Ellis II Bishop J. A. Blake, Jr.
Bishop William Watson Bishop James Whitehead
Bishop Isaac King, Jr. Bishop Charles H. Brewer, Jr.
Bishop C. H. McClelland Bishop Mark L. Gilkey
Bishop Terence Rhone Bishop Loran E. Mann
Bishop Joe L. Ealy Bishop Vincent Matthews
Bishop Roger L. Jones Bishop Kurt Thompson
Bishop Designate Roderick Hennings Bishop Robert Smith
Bishop Designate Elijah Hankerson III Elder Uleses Henderson
Elder Charles E. Blake II Supt. Destry Bell
Dr. Benjamin Stephens III Elder Lawrence C. Blake
Elder Tyrone Potts Supt. Samuel Braxton
Pastor Michael Golden Minister Marlon Bush
Elder Benjamin Nickerson II Dr. Michael Jenkins
Missionary Rubbie Corley-Bradshaw Brother D. Denard
Bishop Jewel R. Withers, Jr. Elder Tatum
Elder Darren Dotson Robert Tyree
Minister Vincent Cobb, II Supt. James Strolger
Elder Jamian Pippen Pastor Timothy J. Freeman
Michael Gause Pastor Cornell Wheeler
Minister Marquis Nixon Elder Varnell Bien-Aime
Elder Cameron D. Eads Pastor Jimmie Smith
Pastor Reginald Finley Supt. Philip Jackson
Elder Brian Byrd Pastor L. Hammond
Pastor Corey Henderson Pastor Mark Miller
Elder Keith Wilson Elder Donell G. Wright
Elder Frank Robinson Deacon Sidney Allen
Evangelist Kathryn Newborn Lavina Moore
Mary Reaves Bria Richardson
Bishop John Daniels, II Admin Assist William C. Hackworth Sr.
Elder Justin Edwards Elder LaMale Williams
Elder Jeremiah Levitt Minister Bobby Hines
Elder Stephen Holden Minister Thomas Griggs
Bishop Charles H. Mason Patterson, Sr. Elder Phillip Crabtree
Admin. Assist. William C. Bass Pastor Antwain Alexander
Supt. Alfred Nicholson Elder Jonathon Zeigler
Pastor Roger L. Jones, II Elder Thomas Sherman
Elder Chad Brown Elder David George Newsome
Supt. Eric Slack Pastor Walter L. Davis, III
Supt. Derrick Hutchins Elder D. Keith Hutchins
Missionary Sherinda Robinson Xzavion Colbert
Elder Ender Austin Deacon William Spencer, Sr.
Sister Denisa Fisher Spencer Elder Alonzo Harley
Minister William Spencer, Jr. Elder Alphonso West
Evangelist West Minister Micah J.D. Spencer
Deacon Charles Simpson Precious Turner
Elder William Mayer, IV Elder Damon Mack
Minister Corey Reese Sister Kierstyn Walker
Dr. Hazel Shepherd Minister Martin King
Elder Terrance Johnson Pastor Mark Beavers
Elder Ryan Allen Minister Darrin Darkins
Pastor Tyron Gaston Pastor Eric Sloss
Dr. Douglas Joyner Evangelist Maereatha Geddis
Elder Elijah Porter Elder Kyle Mann
Supt. James Mann Evangelist Shirley Mann
Elder Kale Mann Elder Christopher Hooker
Sister Courtney Jones Supt. Melton Timmons
Supt. Kevelin B. Jones, Sr. Elder Bobby Bennett
Pastor Derrick Hutchins, II Minister Andrew Tingle
Pastor Quentin Battle Pastor Joe Armstead
Supt. Herbert Reynolds Bishop Michael Hill
Supt. Darryl L. Grant Elder Eric Henderson
Minister Andre Smith Sister Susan Jamieson
Gabriel Sharpe Bishop Larry Thompson
Dorothy Hankins Charlene Bryan
Elder Jamar Johnson Supt. Mack Mason
Sister Sharon L. Griffin Elder Damon Davis
Elder Terry Williams Gloria Williams
Pastor K.C. Williams Elder Dennis Newsome
Herdest Bethel Pastor John A. Chapman, Jr.
Supt. Milton Wren, Sr. Mr. Kristopher Brooks
Rev. Marvin Holmes Eric Browning
Victoria Norwood Elder Herman A. L. Jefferson
Supt. Larry Murphy Justi McNair
Elder Roderick McClintock Whitney Houston
Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch Pastor Quinton Barrow
Bishop Isaiah B. Smith Minister Doremus M. Kennedy
Supt. Gerald A. Echols, Jr. Addison Brookins
Deacon Vincent Wilson, Sr. Supt. McKinley Moore
Elder Thomas Leverette Minister Brian Dorsey
Minister Jason Taylor Elder Brian Seymore, Sr.
Kortney Moten Evangelist Daylon Howard
Brother Jerome Stephens Robert Coleman, Jr.
District Missionary Evangelist Irene Johnson Missionary Ramona Bingham
Admin Assist Charles Johnson, III Elder Darian Stephens
Evangelist Missionary Denise Mitchell Pastor B. James Cranford
Sister Brenda Brown James Missionary Gloria Rivers
Pastor Robert DeJournett Evangetist Missionary Sharon J. Brown
Deacon James Kirkland Elder Quintin Nard
Pastor Keith Odom R. Tomas Harris
Pastor Donnie L. Dixon Bishop Stenneth Powell, Sr.
Pastor Ketryn Yarmaine Anderson Administrator Cherie Brown
Evangelist Markita Knight Elder Sylvester Kasawala
Pastor Eric Boatner J. Patrick Lewis
Elder Dennis Brown Elder Courtnay White
Deacon Eddie Stokes Aspiring Missy Trenise Stokes
Pastor Kenneth Keys Dr. Joe A. Chase, Jr.
Pastor Herbert Purkett, Jr. Pastor Emeritus Richard Bradford
Pastor T.L.Gibson Evangelist Brenda James-AllBritton
Bishop Harvey Young, Sr. Bishop Adrian Williams
Supervisor Barbara McCoo Lewis Bishop James A. Lewis, Sr.
Supt. Jeffrey M. Lewis Elder James A. Lewis, Jr.
Elder Sean Gaines Supt. Joseph Williams
Elder Wilfred Bailey Elder M.A. Pryor
Supt. Zachary Hicks Minister Tevin Harris
Cheryl L. Jones Overseer Jerome Harris
Elder Perry Morgan Pastor George Hill
Pastor Billy Jermale Evans Chaplain Yvonne Gibson-Johnson
Evangelist Missionary Yvette Black-Liggins Dr. Zeno Veal
Elder Bobby Blade Elder Kerry Williams
Supt. Harold W. Jones, Sr. Minister Donald Sherman
Deacon Peter Cook Supt. Claude Bell
Pastor James Harris Supt. John Harris
Elder J. Kyle Nicholson Rashad Thompson
Brother Walter Lehman Bishop Peter Wren
Pastor Craig Davis, Jr. Supervisor Francis E. Harris
Elder Malcolm Donohoo Tony Gentry
Pastor Harris Horace Johnson Elder Roderick C. Lightner, Sr.
Elder Dexter Hedgepeth Pastor Jonathan Anderson
Elder Courtney Avery Aposte Ermon Trotter, Jr.
Minister Paul Cunningham Marquita Dunn
Elder David Smith Evangelist Mazie Sconiers
Pastor Riley Jackson, Sr. Pastor Embra Patterson, III
Bishop D. O’Neil Fleming, Sr. Elder Ronald Bess, Sr.
Bishop Adrian Williams Sister Brenda Young
Pastor Wilbert Wofford Gloria Lowe
Aubry Drake-Graham Admin Assist Charles O. Nash, Sr.
Pastor Charles Hill Deacon Freddie Davis
Minister Brandon D. Jones Admin Assist Earnest Fitzhugh, Sr.
Tameka Snow Elder Clifford Dawson
Pastor Jeffrey Cox Elder Kenneth Jenkins
Bishop Robert D. Strong, Sr. Evangelist Tootie Smith
Jessie Marshall Olton Drake
Mother Kathie Humphrey Sister Tianni King
District Missionary Carolyn Lindsey Elder William C. Harris, Jr.
Evangelist Sandra S. Jones Pastor Johnny P. Hardeman
Elder Arnold Robinson Pastor Felton Beck, Jr.
Elder Torrey J. Howard Admin Assist Ross Johnson
Pastor Gregory Greene Elder Frank Grigsby
Lady Floetta Lewis Scott Bradley
Evangelist Anita Spence Supt. Tony Campbell
Pastor Eddie Parker, III Supt. Levi Bell
Elder Roderick Lightner Missionary Diana O’Brien
Admin Assist Samuel Wyatt Tena Anderson
Ericka Filmore Jason Filmore
Cle St. Laurent Damon Mack
Davida Bridges Evangelist Mertha Mason
Minister Jonathan Stalling, Sr. Minister Ronnie Stalling
Elder Stephen Bishop Elder Alvin Stalling
Elder Nathaniel Stalling, Jr. Elder James Stalling
Travis Butler Candace Butler
Pastor Lonnie Nichols, Sr. Evangelist Dorothy Kemp
Pastor Howard Parker Evangelist Patricia Stewart
Deacon Johnny Stewart Evangelist Maxine Morgan
Elder Ronnie Stalling Elder Perry Morgan
Elder Hugh Anderson, II Elder Aaron Smith
Sister Debbie Cisse Minister Donald Felder, Jr.
Elder Carlos Hunt Elder Warren Mosley
Supt. Ace Gillems Pastor CJ Rolle
Evangelist Theresa Reese Minister Veda Brown
Brother C. Jarvis Admin Assist Marvelle Cranford
Pastor Michael D. Brown Tamekio Williams
Pastor Jeffrey Coleman Ariel Obregon
Karen Obregon Deacon Marcus Upshaw
Ashlee Jones Minister Adam Davis
Pastor Benjamin Nickerson, Sr. District Missionary Vivian Oliver
Pastor Phillip Green Brenda R. Darcus
Brother Andreas L. Mackey Pastor Lemmie Sander, Jr.
Aspiring Missy Sonya Young Elder Kenneth H. Walls, III
Evangelist Shirley J. Roberson Elder Brian Franklin
Pastor Harvey Chip Rice Pastor Jimmie Hicks, Jr.
Pastor Mark Leonard Brother Robert Pickett
Bishop Earl J. Wright Evangelist Jacqueline Thomas
Assistant Pastor Robert Lewis Ramzy Supt. Andrew Jackson, Jr.
Mother Willie Mae Ramzy Missionary Alicia Motton
Elder Terrance Motton Supt. Virgil Thomas
District Missionary Gloria Sterling Supt. Sam Long
Elder Kenneth Williams Elder Larry Taylor, Jr.
Supt. Wilbert Jones, Jr. Sister Angela Madison
Pastor Frederick Skinner Dr. Judith McAllister
Admin Assist Jerry E. Johnson, Sr. Minister Cortney Williams
Admin Assist Jerome Strickland, Sr. Elder M.C. Coleman, Jr.
Karen Merridy Elder A. Lydell Logan
William Gordon Linda Gordon
Bishop Embra Robert Patterson, Jr. Bishop Bevin Lawrence
Evangelist Bertha Mason Evangelist Linda Butler
Jamie Brooks Mother Lenora Johnson-Cureton
Bro. Steve Harris Supt. Barry Fraser
Elder Orin Boyd, Jr. Leon T. Jackson
Elder Robert Brown Supt. Kevin Hammond
Pastor Greg E. Mitchell Pastor Emeritus Larry T. Lakey
Brother Christopher Boston Eric Johnson
Brother Elijah Easley Sister Tracey Billingsley
Supt. Carl Davis Leonard Perkins
Pastor Willie Jones Steven Miller, Jr.
George A. Gibson, Jr. Bishop Robert J. Ward
Clifford O. Chappell Sister Guadalupe Dunson
Pastor Barry L. Ginyard, Jr. Diane C. Kelly
Brother William Birks Elder Rodney E. Johnson
Sister Shanetha Buchanan Evangelist Maria Gardner-Langston
Bishop James Langston Brother Jerry Phillips
Minister Daniel Parham Supervisor Betty Green
Elder Lawrence N. Crump Pastor Michael Payton, Sr.
Admin Assist Elton Amos, MD Supt. Ronald Alexander
Evangelist Denise Steen Elder Larry Fitzgerald
Evangelist Catherine King Supt. Lafayette Price
Elder Harold Davis, Jr. Pastor Samual Canty
Brother Kevin Walker Bishop Alfred M. Spence
Elder Jake Hill Bishop Robert Hargrove
Bishop Benjamin J. Ravenel, Sr. Elder James L. Holt
Supt. Ernie M. McCutchen, Sr. District Missionary Paulette Holt
Elder William Christmas Supt. Kendrick Lamar
Bishop Percy W. Henderson, II Brother Sean Carter
Supt. Arthur Walker Minister James Sampson, Jr.
Pastor Herman Love Pastor James Andrews
Missionary Sandra Miller Missionary Kathy Logan-Newborn
Brother Valente Martin Garry Hayes
Elder Douglass Smith, Jr. Supt. Harvey Burnett
Pastor Angelo Beard Elder Robert Whittley, Sr.
Supervisor Vicki Taylor Evangelist Anthony Wills
Jetney Hollonquest Supt. Ronnie Bell
Supt. Ronald Benson Brother Kim Dunson
Mrs. Kathrene Henderson Supt. Gary D. Hooks
Pastor Clarence Powell Overseer Corey Smith
Sister Romona Johnson Pastor Abraham Wade, Jr.
Elder Don Shelby, III Bishop Willie G. Robinson
Admin Assist Don Shelby Antonio Binder
Julius Hines Bishop Corby Bush
Supt. Jerry Daniels Chaplain Crystal Davis Jones
Pastor Wilbert L. Brooks Elder Nalvin Troy Lewis
Elder Timothy Godfrey Evangelist Katherine Butler
Bishop A. Michael Clark Brother Gregory Alexander
Evangelist Margarette Lawson Walker Evangelist Martha F. Lawson
Jerry Porter Pastor Anthony Wallace
Bishop Albert James Mays, Jr. Robbie Brooks
Pastor Darius J. Horton Pastor Michael L. Harris, Sr.
Elder Oscar Owens, Jr. Apostle Damon Nesbitt
Missionary Rose Rolla-Bennett Dr. Solomon Iyobosa Omo-Osagie, II
Lady Jerice L. Kenebrew Supt. Geric La Keith Kenebrew
Pastor David E. Harris Pastor Jerry L. Harris
Minister Charles O. Moses, Sr. Lady Lisa Clark
Pastor Maurice D.L. Clark Admin Assist Thomas E. Hill, Jr.
Pastor Robert Phillips, Sr. Bishop Clarence LaVauhn Hills, Sr.
Pastor Richard Harper Minister James Fincher
Elder M.C. Coleman, Jr. Admin Assist Jerry Johnson, Sr.
Todd Citizen Supt. Lawrence H. Murray
Evangelist Evelyn Tahiru Prophet Henry Lee Shields
Mr. Kenneth Rodgers Minister Trevor N. Nolan
Minister Michael Purvis, II Mr. J. Phillips
Pastor Clarence Powell Pastor Darin Burns
Pastor Edward Maythews Kandyce Gamble
Supervisor Diane Bogan Evangelist Peggy Cook
Elder Marcell Washington Elect Lady Jamel Jones
Pastor Stephen Jones Elder Darrell E. Hills
Pastor Tony Gentry Sister Teonna Richardson
Evangelist Carolyn Harris Sister Penny Ford
Sister Paulette Whitley Jamal Brock
Minister Terrill Manuel Evangelist Nailah Matthews
Pastor Tyrone Matthews Bishop Neavelle Coles
Carmen Haley Elder Bennie Stewart
 Bishop Samuel E. Iglehart  Pastor Millard Harvey III
 Elder Curtis Lollis  Sister LaToya Young
 Elder Rodney Reavling Sr.  Elder George Gaskin
 Elder Loren C. Due Elder Larry Williams
 Minister Garnell Wood  Pastor Ryan Sims
 Reverend Frederick Powe  Evangelist Marva Sykes
 Pastor Prince Sykes  Pastor Timothy Frisby
 Miss Josephine Hardge  Evangelist Marva Sykes
 Elder Edward Clark  Brother Joshua Moore
 Elder Adrian H. Patterson Evangelist Jermisha Hannah
 Elder Jermaine Gandy Supt. Samuel Danzy
 Elder Tre Williams Evangelist Jerneice Bell
 Elder Alan Culbreath Supt. John Ooten
 Evangelist Brandon Flowers Pastor Tharon Franklin
 R.D. Lottie, Jr. Elder Robert Faust
 Natasha James Evangelist Ollie F. Lyons


Defending Our Leader



See Letters In Support Of Our Presiding Bishop.

Season’s Greetings from The Blake Family

A Special Message from Bishop Charles Blake, Lady Mae, and the Blake Family!

Bishop Blake Awarded Honorary Degree by Biola

On December 18, 2015, Bishop Charles E. Blake was awarded an honorary doctorate of divinity degree by Biola University.

News release from Nov. 11:

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. to Receive Honorary Doctorate from Biola University

Influential Los Angeles pastor Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. will give Biola University’s 2015 fall commencement address at the undergraduate and graduate ceremonies on Dec. 19. In addition, Blake will receive an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from Biola for his extensive work as a pastor demonstrating an unwavering commitment in obedience to the Word of God.

“Bishop Charles Blake is highly regarded as a leader of leaders. His ministry has impacted ​millions, and he preaches and teaches the Word of God uncompromisingly,” said Biola President Barry H. Corey. “​Bishop​ Blake has demonstrated a commitment to ​the ideals we cherish in Christian higher education,​ and he exemplifies ​the Gospel through his​ wide​ ​influence throughout​ ​the city of ​Los Angeles​ ​and ​his leadership ​across the world.”

Blake is the pastor of West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles, Calif. — one of the country’s largest megachurches with more than 25,000 members. He is the presiding bishop of the entire Church of God in Christ denomination, which boasts nearly 6.5 million members from more than 60 countries worldwide.

“It has been a great joy to serve as the presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ for eight years and the pastor of West Angeles Church for 46 years,” said Blake. “I appreciate [Biola University’s] recognition of the work I’ve accomplished in assisting others through the Word of God and my call to ministry. Luke 12:48 says ‘to whom much is given, from him much will be required.’ I am compelled by this honor to pursue even greater service to my Lord and master, Jesus.”

West Angeles Church of God in Christ is sometimes called “the church to the stars” due to its geographical location and attendees like Denzel Washington, Stevie Wonder, and Samuel and LaTanya Jackson. Described as a “man of great integrity” by Washington, Blake humbly uses his platform to give back to the local and international community. West Angeles has established more than 400 housing and commercial properties for the inner city of Los Angeles and Blake has assisted thousands of Los Angeles County residents by implementing various educational, financial and social programs. Furthermore, Blake founded and is president of the Pan African Children’s Fund (PACF) organization. “Save Africa’s Children,” a program within PACF, supports more than 420 orphan care programs, 200,000 children and 24 nations throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

COGIC Mourns Loss



Mother Ruth Mason Lewis, Daughter Of COGIC Founder, Dies At Age 95

November 29, 2015(Memphis, TN) The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) mourns the passing of Mother Ruth Mason Lewis, the daughter of COGIC founder Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. 

Mother Ruth Mason Lewis has died at the age of 95.  The last remaining daughter of COGIC founder Bishop Charles H. Mason, Mother Mason Lewis transitioned to Glory early Saturday morning, November 28, 2015.

Born on September 16, 1920, Mother Mason Lewis was the youngest of six children, born to Bishop Charles Harrison and Lelia Washington Mason.

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. says, “Mother Ruth Mason Lewis was a treasure to the Church of God in Christ. Her legacy as an incredible woman in the church will always be honored and remembered.”

In 1948, Ruth Mason married Robert S. Lewis, Jr., owner of the R.S. Lewis & Sons Funeral Home in Memphis, TN. Robert and Ruth were married 64 years and had two children.

The funeral services will be Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 10am at the Pentecostal Temple COGIC, 229 South Danny Thomas Blvd., where Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Patterson, Sr. is pastor.  Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. will deliver the eulogy.


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The Church of God in Christ is one of the oldest Pentecostal denominations in the World and the 4th largest Protestant group in the United States with churches in over 70 countries worldwide and a membership of nearly 6.5 Million adherents.

From the Desk of the Presiding Bishop

On behalf of the General Board of the Church Of God In Christ Holy Convocation Staff…Thank You!!!


$100 Million Grant Competition

White House and Department of Labor Launch $100 Million TechHire Grant Competition Including $50 Million for Young Americans.



Office of the Press Secretary


November 17, 2015

 FACT SHEET: White House and Department of Labor Launch $100 Million TechHire Grant Competition Including $50 Million for Young Americans

Today, U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith, Cabinet Secretary and Chair of the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force Broderick Johnson, and Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, will travel to Baltimore, Maryland to announce new steps to advance the President’s TechHire initiative and expand opportunities for young Americans to get trained and placed into well-paying tech jobs. Baltimore is launching its TechHire initiative to expand pathways into tech jobs to those who have historically been left out of Baltimore’s economy and those who are underrepresented in tech fields.

America has about 5.5 million open jobs today. Over half a million job openings are in information technology fields such as software development, network administration, and cybersecurity—rapidly growing sectors with many more jobs than just a decade ago. Whether in manufacturing, advertising, retail or banking, the average salary in a job that requires information technology (IT) skills is 50 percent higher than the average private-sector American job.

Businesses have added 13.5 million jobs over 68 straight months of private-sector job growth, extending the longest streak on record. While this progress is significant, employers are in critical need of tech talent and too many Americans lack the skills and experience to access these well-paying jobs. Over six million young Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 are out of school and work, which represents a significant untapped resource of productivity and talent for the country.

That is why in March 2015, President Obama launched TechHire, a bold multi-sector effort and call to action to empower Americans with the skills they need, through universities and community colleges, but also nontraditional approaches like “coding bootcamps” and high-quality online courses that can rapidly train workers for a well-paying job, often in just a few months.

Since then, 35 cities, states, and rural areas with more than 500 employer partners in need of this workforce, have begun working together to find new ways to recruit and place applicants based on their actual skills and to create more fast track tech training opportunities. The President has set a goal of reaching more than 40 communities by the end of 2015.

Today, the Administration announced new steps to ensure that Americans, including youth and young adults ages 17-29, individuals with disabilities, individuals with limited English proficiency, and individuals with criminal records, get access including:

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Historical Marker Honoring Bishop C.H. Mason

A historical marker has been erected outside the Holmes County Courthouse in Lexington in honor of our Founder Bishop C.H. Mason. The dedication ceremony was held at the south end of the courthouse and was attended by several speakers as well as state and local elected leaders.

Church of God in Christ, Inc. roots in Lexington run deep. Mason initially started COGIC in Lexington, about 150 miles south of Memphis. He preached from the steps of the courthouse before eventually establishing St. Paul Church of God in Christ, which became known as the denomination's mother church.

Mary Patterson, the widow of former Presiding Bishop J.O. Patterson, leads the Pentecostal Heritage Connection and was responsible for initiating the effort for the marker. Mary Patterson asserted the following: "If Memphis is the Church of God in Christ's Jerusalem, then Lexington is its Nazareth."

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