Youth On A Mission (YOAM)

Youth On A Mission (YOAM) is an auxiliary of the Department of Missions, of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. The role of YOAM is to minister to youths and adults in a foreign country. Churches Of God In Christ may be found in approximately 53 countries. Every year YOAM visits a foreign country to support the ‘work’ there.

In 1979, YOAM was born from the vision of Bishop Carlis L. Moody. Bishop Moody appointed Elder J. W. Denny as the director of YOAM, after sending him for training. Trips usually last for two weeks. The daily YOAM schedule includes early morning devotions and debriefings, breakfast, building project(s), vacation Bible school, street ministry, dinner and nightly evangelistic services. YOAM teams have been to Liberia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Chile, Brazil, Bahamas, Turks Islands, Malawi, North Dakota (Native American Reservations), Nigeria, Ghana, Haiti, Mexico, Belize, Trinidad/Tobago, Jamaica, South Africa, Cuba, Brazil and Guyana. The 2012 * teams shall be ministering in Guatemala, Uganda and Guyana. Team members may make return visits to follow-up work that the team has started. Involvement with YOAM will support the local pastor’s vision of missions at home and abroad.

Mission Statement and Objectives
Youth On A Mission provides an opportunity for youth, the young and mature adult to carry out the ‘great commission’ at home and abroad. Each team member will evangelize, exalt, edify and equip others as she/he performs duties and responsibilities required by the mission trip. This personal experience will develop in each team member a love for people world-wide, a commitment to serve others, a desire to submit to God’s will for his/her life, a desire to promote missions in their local church/jurisdiction and a desire to consecrate self.

The YOAM team members will:

Evangelism & Street Ministry
Consider the fact that over 95 % of the young people in the world who haven’t heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, live outside the United States” The evangelism ministry includes ministry to children, teens and adults. Many children participate in the Child Evangelism Ministry. The church children are very knowledgeable about the Bible, therefore, we provide an aspect of child evangelism that may not be available because of the country’s poverty. Art projects are used to enhance the Bible lessons. The team wishes to attract persons experienced in puppetry, clowns and mime to expand this ministry. Materials are left with the churches. The Evangelistic Ministry conducts nightly services. The team forms a choir and sings. Different team members are given an opportunity to testify and/or bring a message. As a part of the Street Ministry, team members pass out tracts, witness and pray as they walk through a community. Street Services are held if the foreign church leaders have made the necessary arrangements. Also, Leadership Training is provided for the church leaders by nationally licensed C.O.G.I.C. clergy.

Medical Ministry
The Medical Ministry extends help to the under-served using nursing para-professionals and other medically trained technicians complimented by adequate and appropriate medicines and supplies. The ‘Ministry’ primarily assists peasant, farming societies and attempts to manifest the Lord’s mercy and grace, as in 1 Corinthians, with gifts of healing. There is deep concern for the spirit and the body of man, the total quality of life that once ‘planted and nourished’ will continue to thrive and flourish long after the YOAM Medical Ministry has left.

Construction Ministry
The Construction Ministry includes repairing to existing structures as well as building new ones. The goal of YOAM is to build a church in each country. YOAM has started and completed numerous church building projects. A number of churches in Brazil have been completed. The 1997 YOAM team started a church building project in Guyana. YOAM partnered with Habit For Humanity and built homes in the Philippines. The foreign church provides the construction workers and the team members assist them. The building projects are financed by the Department of Missions and numerous individual contributions.

Training/New Member Orientation
All new team members are REQUIRED to attend and participate in the YOAM training and orientation during the annual A.I.M Sumer Convention prior to going on their initial YOAM trip. New members will prepare for this trip as a TEAM with prayer, team building, organizing and planning. This is a ‘one-time-only’ requirement.

To Have Specific Questions answered in more detail about how to participate in the Youth On A Mission Program, please contact:

June Rivers, Ph.d via e-mail [email protected] – Uganda

or Elder Marx Succes via e-mail [email protected] – Costa Rica / Guatemala

or Elder Harry Beard via e-mail [email protected] – Guyana

If you do not have e-mail, please contact Supervisor Sideary King at 901-947-9316 Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm or Mother Barbara Woodards at 847-328-3808 Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm.

YOAM Schedule *
2012 – Uganda, Guyana and Costa Rica / Guatemala

Bishop Carlis L. Moody, Sr., President
Bishop Bobby Henderson, Vice President
Bishop Charles Black, Vice President
Brother Chuck River, Executive Secretary
Supervisor Sideary King, Administrative Assistant

June C. Rivers Ph.d, Youth On A Mission Coordinator
Elder Marx Succes, Youth On A Mission Field Leader
Elder Harry Beard, Youth On A Mission Field Leader

Additional contact resources:
International Missions Department
Bishop Carlis L. Moody, President

c/o Supervisor Sideary King, Administrative Asst.
email: [email protected]

930 Mason Street Memphis, Tennessee 38126
Office (901) 947-9316
Fax (901) 947-9393



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