To educate, train, and develop preachers and missionaries in all aspects of mission work;

To continue the progression of the preaching of the gospel in foreign countries, especially in areas where there are no missionaires and areas where sound doctrine is not being preached;

To assist in the completion of the existing building and expansion projects currently underway, such as our orphanages, schools, and churches. Haiti and South Africa are two areas where work is currently in need of completion;

To strengthen our International Church growth by continuing to appoint ministers and overseers to carry out the work;

To continue conducting periodic visits to the established International Church Sites;

To provide better financial assistance in areas where there is severe economic hardship;

To improve the efforts for obtaining better financial support for the foreign works while lessening the struggle. The accomplishment of this specific goal, upon which the other goals are hinged, will be a direct result of a reasonable budget allocated for mission work;

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