Organizational Leadership

Pastor Benjamin Stephens, III, International Youth Department President
Evangelist Joyce Rodgers, International Youth Department Chairlady


International Vice Presidents

Pastor Derrick Hutchins, II Vice-President
Elder Nathaniel Green Vice-President
Superintendent Micaiah Young Vice-President


International Assistant Chairladies

Evangelist Lawanne' Grant Assistant Chairlady
Chairlady Felicia Sanders Assistant Chairlady


Office of International President

Superintendent Edwin Walker Administrator, Operations
President Tahaiti Tinsley Administrator, HR & Administration
Elder Paul Gatlin Assistant Administrator
Superintendent Levon Davis Executive Assistant
President Jason Jones Chairman, Coalition of Jurisdictional Presidents
Chairlady Crystal James Chairlady's Cabinet
Evangelist Bridgette Wright Corresponding/Recording Secretary
  Senior Advisor to the President


Fiscal Affairs Team

Elder Derric Scott Director of Fiscal Affairs
Elder Larry Brannon CPA
Elder Clifford Davis Treasurer
Pastor Robert Robinson Assistant Treasurer
Evangelist Pauline Fowlkes Financial Assistant
Evangelist Crystal James Financial Assistant
Evangelist Jackqueline Kinard Financial Assistant


Marketing & Events

Pastor Joseph Parker Director of Marketing & Events
Minister Marlon Bush Marketing Campaign Manager
TBA Executive Care Coordinator
Evangelist Albernique Ware Marketing & Events Administrator
Elder Kevin Gore Logistics Coordinator
Chairlady Felecia Pickett Coordinator – Youth Advisory Council
Brother Dickerson Wells, II Social Media Coordinator
Elder Manual Thomas Social Media Coordinator
Elder Michael Johnson Coordinator of Security & Protocol
President Rondell Love Asst. Coordinator of Security & Protocol


Commissions, Networks, and Auxiliaries

Evangelist Jeana Adams Co-Director, Education Commission
Chairlady Felicia Sanders Co-Director, Education Commission
President Andre Castro Co-Director, Education Commission
Evangelist Trelaine Johnson Wills Asst. Administrator/Education Commission
  Director, Juvenile Crime Reduction / Prevention
Pastor Gilbert White, Sr. Director, Organized Sport Commission
Minister Dion Walls Director, College Prep/Career Development
Elder Edward Clark College Campus Ministry Commission
Pastor Scott Galbraith College Campus Ministry Commission
Elder Marcel Fears Director, Spiritual Empowerment Commission
Pastor M. Lamont Cooper Director, Young Adult Ministry
Chairlady Rhonda Rippy Director, Young Adult Ministry
Pastor Andre Castro Director, Young Men of Valor
Evangelist Shavon Sellers Executive Team, Young Women of Excellence
Takeitha Peterson-Carter Executive Team, Young Women of Excellence
Pastor Derrick McRae Director, Youth Pastor's Network
Elder Jarod Davis Executive Secretary, Youth Pastor's Network
Elder Nathaniel Green Director, Young Preacher's Network
Elder Paul Gatlin Asst. Director, Young Preacher's Network
Chairlady Felicia Pickett Director, Youth Advisory Counsel
Elder Jason Meadows Director, PeerSuaders
President Versie Cuthbert Directory, IYD Scholarships


Departmental Infrastructure

  Chairman, Board of Regional Presidents
  Chairman, State Coordinators
President Jason Jones Chairman, National Coalition of Jurisdictional Presidents
Pastor Larry Lewis Chairman, National Coalition of Jurisdictional Presidents
Elder Darryl Allen Executive Secretary, National Coalition of Jur. Presidents


Board of Regional Presidents

  Chairman, Regional Presidents
Vice Chairman, Regional Presidents
Secretary, Regional Presidents
Chairlady Regina Richmond Coordinator, Regional Chairladies


International Youth Department Regional Roster

Central Western Region

Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

IYD Vice President Nationiel Green, Regional President

Chairlady Marlene Evans, Regional Chairlady


Eastern Region

Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York (Eastern), Pennsylvania (Eastern),

Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia

Pastor Quentin Battle, Regional President

Pastor Gilbert White, Regional Vice President

Elder Marc Thomas, Regional Vice President

Evangelist Renee Adams, Regional Chairlady


Mid-Central Region

Iowa, Kansas, Missouri (Western), Nebraska, Oklahoma

Elder Jason Jones, Regional President

Evangelist Cheryl Newton, Regional Chairlady


Mid-North Region (Re-Constituted)

Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania (Western)

President Deidric Tupper, Regional President

Evangelist Keristen Stanford, Regional Chairlady


Midwest Region

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri (Eastern)

IYD Vice President Micaiah Young, Regional President

Evangelist Jewel Easterling-Smith, Regional Chairlady


North-Central Region (New)

Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

IYD Vice President Micaiah Young, Regional President

TBD, Regional Chairlady


Northeast Region

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,

New York (Western), Rhode Island, Vermont

Superintendent McKinley Johnson, Regional President

Evangelist Audrey Gomez, Regional Chairlady


Northwest Region

Alaska, California (Northern), Idaho, Oregon, Washington

Superintendent Levon Davis, Regional President

Elder Tony Brown, Regional Vice President

Evangelist Regina Richmond, Regional Chairlady


Southeast Region

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

IYD Vice President Derrick Hutchins, II, Regional President

Evangelist Shavon Sellers, Regional Chairlady


Southern Region

Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee

Pastor Larry Lewis, Regional President

Evangelist Rhonda Rippy, Regional Chairlady

Sister Charlotte Jacobs, Assistant Regional Chairlady


Southern Central Region


Pastor Andrew Jackson, Jr., Regional President

Evangelist Crystal Taylor-James, Regional Chairlady

Evangelist Versie Cuthbert, Assistant Regional Vice President

Evangelist Dorothy Langley, Assistant Regional Chairlady


Southwest Region

Arizona, California (Southern), Hawaii, Nevada

Pastor Clea McCaa, Regional President

President Tahaiti Tinsley, Regional Vice-President

Evangelist Genean Gray, Regional Chairlady

Evangelist Crashondia McCray, Asst. Regional Chairlady


Foreign Region

All Foreign Jurisdictions

TBD, Regional President

TBA, Regional Chairlady


2 Responses to Organizational Leadership

  • Sis. Crystal Love says:

    Hello, We are with the Mid-North Region, Can we have a contact number or email for our regional President and Chairlady. Thank you.