2014 Young Women in Ministry

Join the Young Women in Ministry Thursday July 3rd for a One Day Power-Packed Empowerment Session. There will be two exciting components that will take place on that day. First, it is c alled "Platform;" young women who have books or cds will be given the opportunity to showcase their materials for a small donation of $25.00. Secondly, it is called "Let's Have Church;" this is a time where young women interested in speaking will give a 3 to 5 minute inspirational message. This session is open to ALL and ALL are welcomed to come. For more information contact [email protected] See you there!!!

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  • Jason Bates says:

    to whom it may concern i attend lockette memorial in linden nj we would love to be invited to the youth conference

    but every year that GOD send where either not invited or we find out two days before we would like to now what is going in a timely fashion just like everyone eles the first year i went GOD truly blessed i dont want that to be the last time i go all i am saying lead by example 1301 lincoln st. , Linden, NJ, 07036

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