2014 COGIC Girls Rock

COGICGirlsRockDon't miss this exciting time to be recognized in the "COGIC GIRLS ROCK" ceremony sponsored by Young Women of Excellence. Applications are now being accepted for all young ladies ages 13-21. Let the world know about your accomplishments in the following areas: Academics, Music, Fashion, Community Service, Sports, Arts, and Church Involvement. Don't forget to nominate your Bishops Wife to be recognize as a trailblazer and a COGIC Woman that ROCKS! We will see you at AIM 2014 in Kansas City, MO.

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7 Responses to 2014 COGIC Girls Rock

  • Chairlady Romona Hampton says:

    I am overjoyed about the COGIC Girls Rock.  I am excited in submitting and nominating my awesome Woman of God and dynamic leading lady Jurisdictional First Lady Dr. Danette Fishburn Scott of Illinois Southeast Jurisdiction (Bishop William Scott, Prelate)

    • President Arica E. Allen says:

      Super excited about COGIC GIRLS ROCK!!!  The Youth Department of Eastern Missouri Western Illinois would like to nominate our  most anointed and powerful First Lady of our Jurisdiction Internatinal Evangelist Lady Shirley Wooten!!!!  The Best is in the Midwest!!!!

  • Chairlady Rosalind L Sanders says:

    I would like to nominate the HARDEST WORKING First Lady in the WORLD, International Evangelist Shirley Wooten!!!!!! Lady Wooten is the First Lady of the Eastern Missouri and Western Illinois Jurisdiction, AKA Eastern
    Missouri II, AKA EMWI,. Under the leadership of General Board Member Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten. Lady Wooten works valiantly by her husband’s side to enhance the ministry and bring Glory to God in all that she undertakes to do. Lady Wooten has a passion for Missions work. Overseeing many outreach programs in the city of St. Louis, and coordinating Christmas in November
    during the National COGIC Holy Convocation, Lady Wooten is about her Fathers business! To try and sum up the work she does is IMPOSSIBLE! She has touched thousands of lives across the globe!

    She has traveled across the world to spread the good news of the Gospel in foreign lands. In their traveling Bishop and Lady Wooten were led by God to
    adopt two little African princesses, Grace and Sarah whom they love dearly and are raising to be HOLY little women of God. Already these two darlings have a heart for missions and helping others!

    Lady Wooten is a devil chasing anointed , praying, fasting, prayer warrior, who undergirds her husband, BISHOP WOOTEN and the leadership of this great Jurisdiction in ALL areas!

    I, Chairlady Rosalind L Sanders and the Youth Department of Eastern Missouri II NOMINATE OUR FIRST LADY, International Evangelist Shirley Wooten, as the ULTIMATE WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE!

  • Chairlady Rosalind L Sanders says:

    WOW! I am honored to nominate a woman of God who exudes “Woman of Excellence”, in the person of the First Lady of Eastern Missouri II Jurisdiction (EMWI), under the leadership of her husband Bishop Lawrence M Wooten (General Board Member), International Evangelist Shirley Wooten! 

    Lady Wooten works VALEANTLY by her husband’s side in the Ministry. Reaching outside the four walls of the church, Lady Wooten has a passion for Missions. She is a giver with a heart for people. Thousands have been touched by her generosity all across this world. 

    She is a preaching, devil chasing, anointed prayer warrior who loves God, her husband, family, Gods people and proclaims “ITS ALL ABOUT SOULS!”. The entire Youth Department of EMWI is PROUD to have such a JEWEL leading us! We salute you!

  • Linda Harris says:

    We are trying to set an iteneary for our young ladies for AIMS. I am not sure what the YWE is ?. It is too late for our young ladies to participate but is this something thy can be part of with the group. In other words in this only forpeople that hvebeen nominated. If not, could you give me the tme and date of the event, room number if you have it, and is there a registration fee for just being part of the audience. Thank You


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