IYD Events – 106th Holy Convocation

We stand on the brink of what will be one of the greatest International Holy Convocation’s we have ever witnessed. The International Youth Department will play a great part in its success. I need all hands on deck. Please see the following listing of IYD Events during our International Holy Convocation:

  • IYD-Covocation 2013
    (Click the image to enlarge)

    Friday, November 8th @ 7pm-Youth Church-Room 131/132

  • Saturday, November 9th @ 9am-IYD Staff Meeting-Room 132
  • Saturday, November 9th @ 12noon-World Youth Day Celebration-Halls 4/5 
  • Saturday, November 9th @ 5pm-Youth Talent and Fashion Showcase-Halls 2/3 (We’re excited about this new event! This is a cooperative effort between the Youth Department and the vendors.) 
  • Sunday, November 10th @ 5:30 pm-YPWW Hour-America’s Center Dome 









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